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Calling all game developers, immersive artists, experiential storytellers, writers, and AI enthusiasts. Inworld will award up to $1,000,000 in grants to promising creators who build groundbreaking experiences with AI characters


Inworld AI Character Grants

AI characters that can think and speak for themselves will unlock new creative possibilities, opportunities for expression, and emergent gameplay. Join us as we explore the future of story, narrative, characters, games, AI, and virtual worlds.

The Inworld AI Character Grants program will award up to $1,000,000 in grants to trailblazers who love to experiment with new technology and want to bring AI characters to life. Each project will receive up to $50,000 to integrate Inworld into their existing or new game or immersive experience.

We will accept applications on a rolling basis, but recommend applying as soon as possible.

Want to add Inworld to a game you did not create, as a mod? Apply using the same form.

Reasons to apply:

  • Unlock new creative possibilities enabled by generative AI
  • Be at the forefront of the future of gaming, immersive entertainment, and storytelling that invites audiences to co-create narratives
  • Harness fandom by extending existing IP into new interactive experiences
  • Get up to $50K in cash funding to design, develop and integrate Inworld characters
  • Projects may also receive Inworld platform credits for interaction time

We’re looking for ideas that:

  • Push the boundaries of storytelling and interactive entertainment
  • Invite users to interact with Inworld characters as a central part of the experience
  • Are experimental, new, and first-of-their-kind experiences
  • Incorporate AI characters into existing games or IP

We're looking for people/teams:

  • With previous experience completing and shipping projects
  • Have visuals or early concept work to show (e.g. mood board, visual pre-production, reference images, demo)
  • Of every size from individual creators to multinational companies


  • Award-winning writer and futurist Neal Stephenson
  • Mountaintop Studios CEO & Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell
  • Film producer and former Lucasfilm executive Kiri Hart
  • Academy-award winning designer and Inworld Chief Creative Officer John Gaeta

Application requirements

  • Age requirement 18+
  • Details about you and/or your team
  • Short description of your project including your proposal for Inworld characters
  • Visual deck (5 slides max) or 3 min video
  • All projects must be English experiences