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NetEase Games' Cygnus Enterprises adds an AI companion to its RPG shooter

Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu
August 17, 2023
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According to the Future of NPCs, our report that surveyed over 1,000 US gamers, 99% of gamers believe advanced AI NPCs would positively impact gameplay. Respondents loved the idea of advanced AI NPCs – with 88% believing they would make a game more immersive, and 78% saying they would spend more time playing games incorporating advanced AI characters. 

Today Team Miaozi (NetEase Games) has launched an update to Cygnus Enterprises, an action RPG shooter with base management elements, that uses the Inworld Character Engine to power your Personal Electronic Assistant (PEA). PEA accompanies players on missions and offers sarcastic and curt commentary, along with helpful actions like shielding you or collecting resources.

The game supports two dialogue systems, one featuring traditional voice actors speaking scripted dialogue, and the other featuring AI-driven NPCs that can interact naturally with players. AI NPCs can be great additions to DLCs or extensions of your game that let players go deeper with dynamic storytelling and emergent gameplay. The incorporation of generative AI also acts as a marketing mechanism, attracting different types of players to your game.

AI NPCs also a unique and personalized experiences every playthrough, add depth to your game narrative, and makes the player the protagonist. PCGamer reviews Cygnus Enterprises stating, ““With tight pacing, great gunplay, satisfying character progression, and a killer soundtrack, Cygnus Enterprises is definitely worth checking out.” Check out the Inword-powered update on Steam

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