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The leading AI engine for games

Give players groundbreaking game mechanics, dynamic NPCs, and worlds that evolve with each action. Whether you're looking to unlock new player experiences, streamline game design, or future proof your AI infrastructure, Inworld helps uplevel your game development with AI.

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Introducing the Inworld Platform

Integrations available for:

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Powered by Inworld

Real-time AI

Inworld Engine

The Inworld Engine drives real-time gameplay mechanics that adapt to players' every decision.

  • Respond to players' actions and decisions with dynamic game states, environments, and AI agents
  • Enable completely novel game mechanics that put players at the center of the fantasy
  • Unlock new levels of depth and immersion
  • Integrate AI NPCs with advanced cognition, perception, and behavior

Why Inworld

Drive player engagement

Drive replayability, session length, retention, and ARPU with storylines and characters that increase immersion.

Player agency whitepaper

Impact core game loops

Drive engaging gaming loops that keep players coming back again and again.

Solutions for gaming

Increase revenue

81% of gamers report that they'd be willing to pay more for a game featuring AI NPCs

Future of NPCs survey

Go viral

Learn how one studio drove millions of views on Twitch and YouTube for its intial launch.

Case study

Content Creation

Inworld Studio

Streamline your creative process, so you can spend more time doing the work you love. Inworld Studio helps you organize and workshop epic game designs.

  • Create characters, scenes, and more to power real-time experiences with the Inworld Engine
  • Workshop high-level concepts into outlines or drafts of scripts, dialogue, quests, and more
  • Visualize and prototype interactive narratives with our editor

AI Infrastructure

Inworld Core

From the engineering team that built Google Cloud AI, Inworld Core offers custom solutions for enterprise-ready AI infrastructure. Get in touch for information on adaptive serving infrastructure, dedicated A100s and H100s, on-device integration, custom models, and more.

Inworld Voice

Expressive & natural voice AI

Get dynamic voice performances with Inworld's diverse portfolio of voices for text to speech, creative, and corporate use cases. Our high-fidelity AI voice generator is powered by AI models that add depth and realism through improved latency, rhythm, intonation, and pitch variation.

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