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AI Wonderland: AI NPCs in Roblox

Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu
January 23, 2023
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At Inworld, we’re building a platform to create AI-powered characters for games and immersive media. We’re always tinkering and putting ourselves in the terminals of game developers, so I wanted to share our latest demo, AI Wonderland, a real-time experience on Roblox.

wonderland queen of hearts standing in front of the image, rabbit , crazy hatter, Cheshire Cat are behind near the castle

All of the characters in AI Wonderland are powered by Inworld. Players can chat with each of the characters to advance the game narrative. But unlike scripted NPCs, you can ask our intelligent characters anything and they will come up with their own responses, thoughts, and emotions in real time. (Though if you’re looking for a riveting conversation I’d suggest avoiding the Queen of Hearts, whose calling card is “off with your head.”)

We believe that AI characters and NPCs will become ubiquitous features in games, making experiences more immersive and responsive. But we’re not alone in that belief. We surveyed 1,000 gamers and it turns out that 99% are interested in seeing advanced AI characters in games.

Full survey results coming in a few weeks.

For metaverse platforms like Roblox, AI characters can replicate the highly social interaction that metaverse users love – even when concurrent user numbers are low. Imagine building an MMO game featuring a vast open world built for collaboration and connection, but not having enough concurrent users to scale the experience. 

We’re working on launching Roblox as an Inworld integration, which would allow developers to add AI characters to their own experiences. In the meantime, play AI Wonderland on Roblox. If you’re a developer and keen to get access to our Roblox integration, get in touch on Discord

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