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Best video game idea generators 2024

Inworld Team
November 16, 2023
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Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to come up with good video game ideas. Whether you’re brainstorming for your next release or just looking for a game idea for a game jam, you’re willing to accept any help you can get to help you come up with a concept that hasn’t been done a million times already. That's where video game idea generators come in. 

A video game idea generator can act as your muse, providing prompts for everything from plotlines to character designs and gameplay mechanic suggestions.

In this piece, we'll give you a comprehensive overview of video game generators including the different kinds, their features, and how you can use them to ideate and design the best gaming experiences. 

What is a video game idea generator?

A video game idea generator is a tool that helps generate novel concepts for your game by sparking your creativity. This could range from the main theme of the game to intricate details such as characters, bosses, video game writing prompts, or even the game's music.

Game generators also span a wide spectrum. Some are broad, covering a myriad of game components, while others focus on specific facets like unique boss designs or game soundtracks. These game generators come in three main types: random video game idea generators, video game character idea generators, and video game boss idea generators.

🚀Type 1: Random video game generator

A random video game ideas generator, like the Game Idea Generator or the Video Game Ideas Hero, stirs the creative pot by presenting diverse and unexpected combinations of game elements including genre, setting, video game writing prompts, and game jam themes. These game generators can be powered by AI or just randomized.
Advantages of this type of random video game idea generator:

●       Unique, random combinations of game elements

●       Encourages exploration of unfamiliar genres/themes

●       Millions of possible combinations for a constant flow of fresh ideas

🚀Type 2: Video game character idea generator

A video game character generator, like Perchance, is a creative tool that will help you generate diverse and unique characters for your game. Also called an Original Character Ideas Generator (or an OC ideas generator), they often use AI technology to provide a variety of character ideas, including appearances, backgrounds, abilities, and personalities.

Advantages of this type of video game character generator:

●       Assists in character creation when stuck for ideas

●       Adds depth to your character roster

●       Inspires character arcs based on the generated concepts

🚀Type 3: Video game boss idea generator

A video game idea generator for bosses, like RPG Tinker, is an innovative tool that offers design suggestions for designing epic bosses. These game generators provide intricate concepts for boss characters, including their abilities, behavior, appearance, and backstory.

Advantages of this type of video game idea generator:

  • Quick inspiration for boss design 
  • Supports memorable boss fights 
  • Encourages diversity in boss design to keep player engagement high

🎮 Inworld AI - Video game ideas generator

Inworld is a Character Engine for creating AI NPCs and AI characters. But in order to demo the breadth of use cases for our tech, we created a character designed to be your video game ideas assistant. You can also create your own customized video game ideas brainstorming partner in our Studio

  • Overview: While Inworld’s main gaming use case is powering NPCs that can interact with players and influence game dynamics like never before, you can also make helpful assistants with the engine. We created an AI video game ideas assistant called the Video Game Ideas Hero. He’s a retired video game NPC who’s giving back to the gaming industry by helping with ideation now that he’s no longer saving the day. You can also make your own video game ideas assistant to give you video game prompts. Ever dreamed of chatting with Cortana or learning what made Bowser so evil? Cast your favorite video game NPC as your brainstorming partner and you can get those answers – and plan your next game. 
  • Use Cases: Inworld video game ideas generators are great for brainstorming all aspects of the game development process – especially if you prefer to brainstorm conversationally. 
  • Benefits: The biggest benefit is the ability to create your own customized video game idea assistant. Inworld's platform is designed with game devs in mind so allows users to configure their AI characters' personalities, backstories, motivations, and more, creating NPCs (and game ideas assistants!) that deliver dynamic, immersive interactions. Want an AI video game ideas generator just for a niche type of RPGs? You can create one! 
  • Drawbacks: While you can use the friendly video game ideas generator Inworld has available in the Arcade, you’ll have to spend time customizing your own if you want something more tailored to your needs. 

🎮 Let's Make a Game - Random video game generator

Let's Make a Game is a random video game generator and a great resource for game developers looking for unique game ideas. 

  • Overview: This platform provides users with unique combinations of game mechanics, themes, and genres, making it a goldmine for developers craving fresh game ideas and video game prompts.
  • Use Cases: Use this random video game generator during your brainstorming sessions, when you're looking for innovative game mechanics or for sourcing themes for game jams. 
  • Benefits: The biggest perk of Let's Make a Game is the sheer volume and diversity of ideas it can create. This variety can guide you towards extremely unique game concepts.
  • Drawbacks: The platform's randomness could lead to prompts that clash with your game development vision or are too complex to execute. 

🎮 Perchance - Random video game character generator

Perchance’s character generator is an inventive video game character generator that helps you speed up your character creation. 

  • Overview: This tool acts as an on-demand creative partner, facilitating rapid character creation and inspiration. It offers an effortless transition into the world of video game character development by providing unique, randomized characters at the click of a button.
  • Use Cases: Use this video game character generator as a creative tool if you’re in need of fresh character concepts and video game prompts. It's also the perfect assistant when you need to populate large game worlds with diverse characters in a short amount of time.
  • Benefits: Perchance’s appeal lies in its simplicity and speed. It can instantly create a new and unique character and is a quickfire solution for generating character ideas. Its inherent randomness ensures a broad spectrum of unique results and brings an element of surprise and diversity to any gaming project.
  • Drawbacks: The random nature of this video game character idea generator might not suit projects requiring specifically nuanced characters. The lack of customization controls may also limit its application in more complex game development scenarios that require more control over character details.

🎮Perchance - Random video game character generator

The Perchance Boss Generator is great for helping you create dynamic and unpredictable boss characters and encounters. 

  • Overview: This tool generates intriguing boss characters for video games at random, replete with characteristics and traits. Its principal use lies in adding a touch of dynamism and novelty to your game's boss battles.
  • Use Cases: Use this video game boss idea generator to help you devise fresh boss concepts and populate your game with unique and unpredictable boss encounters.
  • Benefits: The tool's standout feature is its ability to produce unique boss characters instantly which can save precious development time and promotes creative exploration. The diverse array of bosses it can generate adds an element of surprise and challenge to any game narrative.
  • Drawbacks: The tool may fall short for projects that demand specific boss character designs. The lack of customization options could be a limiting factor for more complex game development scenarios.

🎮Bored Humans - Random game idea generator

Explore the realm of endless possibilities with Bored Humans' video game idea generator, a tool engineered to kickstart your game development journey.

  • Overview: Bored Humans' video game idea generator is a simplistic tool that spawns comprehensive game concepts with the click of a button. Each generated idea includes a game title and a detailed description of the game's setting, gameplay, and narrative. These make for great video game writing prompts, too. 
  • Use Cases: This video game idea generator is a perfect match for game developers seeking inspiration, writers needing a creative spark for storylines or gaming enthusiasts searching for conversation topics around game development.
  • Benefits: The strength of this tool lies in its simplicity and the quality of its outputs. By creating complex and detailed game concepts, it offers a wealth of inspiration that can kickstart your creative process or help overcome ‘developer's block.’
  • Drawbacks: Its randomness means it might not always align with a specific genre or idea you have in mind. Additionally, it doesn't offer options to refine or customize the game idea, limiting its flexibility.

🎮 Kassoon - Video game boss fight ideas

Get ready for the final boss.. we mean generator. Kassoon's Video Game Boss Fight Ideas generator is a great resource for instant boss battle inspiration.

  • Overview: Kassoon's boss fight idea generator is as straightforward as it gets. Just one click of a button and you're presented with a unique idea for an epic boss encounter, making it your secret weapon in creating thrilling gaming experiences.
  • Use Cases: This video game generator is a gold mine for those planning boss encounters in video games, tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons or any narrative that calls for dramatic enemy confrontations.
  • Benefits: Instead of merely throwing out character ideas, Kassoon's tool offers mechanics for boss fights, helping you design multi-stage and dynamic encounters. If you're on the quest for memorable and challenging boss encounters, your journey ends here.
  • Drawbacks: Finding the perfect boss fight scenario that matches your game's needs might require a significant amount of time as you'd have to sift through multiple outputs before striking gold.

Video game ideas – & AI NPCs for your next game 

While Inworld is primarily focused on creating AI NPCs to play the role of your next boss or sidekick NPC, the fact that you can also create AI-powered assistants to help you brainstorm and come up with concepts or even video game ideas is less well-known.

Interested in casting our NPCs in your next game? AI characters don’t just allow your players to interact with characters in new ways but they also can improve core game metrics, introduce new game mechanics – and even unexpectedly get you $300,000+ in free publicity

Curious? Try out the Video Game Ideas Hero character or make your own in our Studio. Learn more about using Inworld AI NPCs in your next project in our Docs or Discord

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