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Jumpstart development with Game Autogen

Chloe Barreau
May 21, 2024
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Inworld is transforming game development with AI-powered gameplay, offering groundbreaking game mechanics, dynamic NPCs, and worlds that evolve with each action. With the launch of Game Autogen, we’re making it even easier to get started with AI-driven games.

Game Autogen allows you to automatically populate Inworld workspaces to power AI-enabled gameplay. Source materials are parsed into characters, scenes, knowledge and other inputs for the Inworld Engine. The feature offers a streamlined solution to getting started with Inworld and can also be used as a tool for ideation. 

Auto-generated knowledge from our uploaded character sheet

Auto-generating your game workspace

  • Create a new workspace and select ‘Auto-generate workspace’.
  • Upload a file relating to your character, world, or story. 
  • Click the generate button.
  • Preview the game elements that will power your AI game characters.
  • Make any desired changes and then chat with your auto-generated character to playtest

Technical approach

Game Autogen employs data processing techniques to handle large, unstructured texts:

  • Data Chunking: Divides source files into manageable chunks for faster processing.
  • Concurrent Parsing: Simultaneously generates scenes and character information, ensuring comprehensive and accurate data extraction.
  • Filtering and Consolidation: Identifies and removes duplicate or contradictory information, resulting in a clean and coherent draft.

Coming soon

As part of our ongoing development, we will be adding auto-generation capabilities across Studio and expanding support for file types, character fields, and game mechanics. Game Autogen can also be used in conjunction with Narrative Graph, which is currently in private preview.

For more ways to manage characters, scenes, and assets programmatically and automatically, check out the Inworld VSCode Extension. The extension allows developers to organize and track character files in a local repository, enabling version control via Git commands and workflows.

Test Game Autogen with your own source files

Check out the Inworld Studio to see Game Autogen for yourself. 

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