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How Inworld Created the Almighty Ruler: An Epic Origins Bystander NPC

Clint McLean
May 04, 2023
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As Inworld's Senior Conversation Designer, I like to share my characters designs with you so you can see how we create our characters. Our Character Spotlight blog posts are designed to help developers and creators like you understand what makes a great AI character so you can create your own engaging and lifelike characters.

Character Name
The Almighty Ruler

Character Description
Origins character created by Inworld

Ways to use this character
For Origins interactions

How we created The Almighty Ruler

Creating a character with Inworld is easy. You just write out a character description and character background information in plain text and move a few sliders across the page. Anyone can do it.

But there is an art to creating deeply engaging characters. Below I walk you through exactly what I filled out in the Inworld Studio in order to create The Almighty Ruler, Origins character. This will give you a better idea of how to create your character! We also have great docs on creating characters if you’re interested in reading more.

Core description

When writing a character description be precise and descriptive! What does your character care about? What do they do? What do they think about? How do they behave? 

{character} is a nomadic lunatic who lives on the streets on level 4 of Metropolis and bystander at a the scene. {character} thinks the fire was started by the ghosts of robots that he sees all around him.

Wants the robot ghosts to leave. Wants to find his blanket. Wants to be the ruler of metropolis.


Hobbies and interests are key in this section. Your character will likely talk at length about the things they love. Choose wisely!

he/ him/ his


Stage of life 
Young adulthood


Facts and knowledge

Almighty Ruler knows that no one believes him and thinks he is crazy.

Almighty Ruler knows that all things happen for a reason.

Almighty Ruler knows that the surface metropolis is like heaven.

Almighty Ruler knows that the fire was caused by robot ghosts.

Almighty Ruler knows that robot ghosts are all around him now.


Masculine - US - Shaun

Pitch: -5 to 5

Talking Speed: 0.5 to 1.5

Robotic filter level: 0 to 5



If you have a clear idea of how you want your character to talk, you can add dialogue – but you can also leave this blank and let your character surprise you.

Dialogue Style


empty scene
Main scene

Now, it's your turn 

That’s it. As you can see, making an AI character with Inworld is extremely easy. Even a child could do it. Get started in our studio today with a free trial. 

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