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Integrate AI characters into your Minecraft server or Roblox game with our SDKs

Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu
April 10, 2023
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We have big news for Minecraft server admins and Roblox developers - our SDKs to add AI-driven characters and mobs into both games are now available!

Minecraft is an infinite, procedurally generated world of exploration and adventure. While there are in-game villagers with some pre-programmed behaviors, players crave more interactivity from NPCs. With Inworld’s Minecraft SDK, you can add AI-driven characters that are capable of conversation and infinite interactions to go with the infinite landscape. No redstone required!

Watch our tutorial video for details on how to set up and configure the SDK within your Java server to add Inworld-created characters.

Roblox has nurtured an incredible ecosystem of games over the years, which is why it was one of the first places we wanted to integrate Inworld. Our AI Wonderland demo is still available to experience, but if you’re ready to bring characters to life in your Roblox game, you’ll want to access our SDK. Full documentation and download links for the Roblox SDK are here.

Play the AI Wonderland demo in Roblox or use our SDK to add AI to your own experience.

Whoever you bring to life in Minecraft or Roblox, we’d love to hear about it! Share your creations and ask questions in our Discord.

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