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Investing in creators building the future of AI-generated games and experiences

Kylan Gibbs
November 17, 2022
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In the past year, we’ve seen AI expand the creative palette, enabling first-of-their-kind experiences. AI has also made it easier than ever to develop engaging content and make creation accessible to more people.  

At Inworld, we believe that AI will usher in a new era in entertainment. Stories will be extended, with audiences co-creating narratives in interactive scripts. Experiences will become more immersive, with AI characters forging relationships that are as meaningful as those formed in real life. We invite you to build this future with us through the Inworld AI Character Grants program.

Inworld will award up to $1,000,000 in grants to the most promising creatives and developers who want to create groundbreaking experiences with AI. Each project will receive up to $50,000 to incorporate Inworld into new or existing games and experiences. 

Judges for the program include award-winning writer and futurist Neal Stephenson, Mountaintop Studios CEO & Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell, film producer and former Lucasfilm executive Kiri Hart, and Academy-award winning designer and Inworld Chief Creative Officer John Gaeta.

Applications for the grant program are now closed.

Unlock creative possibilities with AI 

Inworld’s AI characters can carry on open-ended conversations, experience emotions, respond to triggers, and remember previous interactions. They easily integrate with any avatar or character visuals and major game engines. 

Generate never-before-seen game mechanics, more immersive gameplay, more complete worlds – or other immersive experiences that test the bounds of what’s possible. 

For example, you could create…

  • Interactive takes on common genres of games: Think open worlds with characters you can befriend. Mysteries that can only be solved by talking to characters. Adventure games where your object is to not upset the villain - or else. Character-focused experimental games that pull at the heartstrings. Strategy games where you can ask the advice of historical generals. 
  • Storylines from movies, books, music, and TV brought to life: Imagine talking to famous historical figures at museums. Fantasy authors offering fans the opportunity to get advice from the orcs in their books. TV show creators designing digital experiences where fans can ask their faves anything, or participate in a quest together. 
  • Memorable experiences with brand ambassadors and sales agents: Envision hanging out with AI brand ambassadors in virtual popup or concert. Brand experts who answer all your questions about sneakers – or hip hip. Fashion stylists who help you pick out clothing or accessories that fit your style, and keep you entertained while they do! 
  • Fun and transformative digital experiences: Picture virtual influencers who can interact with their fans. Sports team superfans who can answer any question and even quiz you on trivia. Tutors who’ll help kids do their homework and make learning fun. An AI version of an endangered bear species teaching people how to respect its habitat.

The ideas are endless – and the prospects are a whole lot of fun. Help us define the future of entertainment, story, characters, games, AI, and virtual worlds. 

Interested? Here are some resources to get started.

  • Read more about AI characters to understand the possibilities.
  • Watch our Unity and Unreal demos, in case your experience is being built in a game engine
  • Check out our character of the week posts showing how we create characters
  • Join our Discord. Feel free to ask questions in the #character-grants channel.

Brainstorm, pace your room, scribble frantically in your notebook, scrunch up those pages and throw them in the trash. Do whatever you need to get your creative juices flowing.

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