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Inworld Core

From the engineering team that built Google Cloud AI, comes Inworld Core. Get a service that provides custom solutions AI infrastructure – without having to hire a whole ML team.

  • Adaptive Serving Infrastructure
    Custom solutions – from dedicated servers to on-prem – that put you in control of your AI operations
  • Dedicated Servers with A100s or H100s
    Run inference on our servers with managed setup
  • On-Device Integrations
    Selectively run ML models on-device for cost optimization
  • Custom Voice Pipelines
    Train custom speech synthesis models
  • Auto-Scaling Infrastructure
    Model readiness that goes from playtests with hundreds of users to production with millions
  • Multi-Platform Serving
    Client-agnostic AI and back-end infrastructure that allows for cross-platform deployment
  • Data & Security
    Enterprise-ready custom data management and certified security solutions