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AI text-to-speech for video game characters

Integrate real-time or pre-recorded AI voices into your games with Inworld’s realistic text-to-speech. Inworld’s voices have unmatched emotional depth and realism. Plus, they’re more cost-effective than other AI voice generators. 

Why Inworld Voice? 

Enhance your game with our NPC voice generator

  • Expressive voices: Sick of robotic AI voices? Choose emotionally resonant voices that capture the personalities of your villains, heroes, or orcs. 
  • Gaming-native: Don't choose a TTS model made for chatbots. Get voices made for common gaming archetypes like sages, soldiers, bosses, and sorceresses. 
  • Localization: Ensure your game reaches a global audience by using Inworld’s multilingual features. Coming soon in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

3 ways to use Inworld voices for games


Inworld Voice demos

Find the right voice for any character—whether it’s the lord of the underworld or a mysterious companion. Immerse players in dynamic worlds through lifelike dialogues and expressive voiceovers with text to speech and our AI voice generator. Nail the delivery every time with AI voices that convey dynamism and personality.

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Hades, Lord of the Underworld


The Mercenary


Companion Character


Fiery Sorceress


Inworld difference

The best NPC text-to-speech solution

  • High quality: We created a new benchmark for measuring audio quality and expressiveness across five categories: generation accuracy, prosody, talking speed, expressiveness, and speaker similarity. 
  • Ultra low latency: Inworld’s AI voices boast 250ms end-to-end 50pct latency for approximately 6 seconds of audio generation. That’s faster than many alternatives.
  • Ethically trained: Our training data came from Creative Commons licensed datasets, as well as 20 hours of licensed audio from professional voice actors.

Real-time voice API

Don’t let latency wreck your gameplay

  • Easy integration: Seamlessly integrate our TTS API using easy-to-use REST or gRPC APIs - with either basic or JWT authentication – all backed by extensive documentation.
  • Scalability and reliability: Inworld’s text-to-speech API is designed to reliably handle high volumes of requests to ensure uninterrupted AI speech synthesis.
  • Developer-friendly tools: User-friendly resources and portals simplify integration and make it easy to manage your account.

AI voice cloning for games

Get custom voice cloning

  • Work with voice actors: Want to license the voice of your existing voice actors for your games? We’ll work with you to create a custom voice model. 
  • Custom training = better voices: Get AAA-quality with a custom cloned model. We test and iterate to ensure you get higher quality voices. 

Perfect for all studios sizes

  • Passion projects: Leverage Inworld’s affordable TTS to integrate recorded dialogue or real-time voices into your game. 
  • Indies: Add voices or localize your game to expand your market – and revenue. 
  • AAA: Get AAA-quality voices to power AI NPCs, cloned voices for last-minute line changes, localization support, and more.

Use cases: From NPCs to narration -- and more!

Game characters

Give your characters emotionally resonant voices. 

Companion character

Mysterious and resolute


Voice your game narrative with an expressive voice. 

D&D Narrator

Resonate and evocative

In-game annoucements

Get gamers' attention with in-game announcements.

Travis, Voiceover Artist

Direct but compelling

Frequently asked questions

  • What multilingual voices are available? 

    We will be launching Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese voices soon. We will also be rolling out additional voices in the next few months. Stay tuned! 

  • Will you have self-serve voice cloning? 

    Yes! We will be rolling out self-serve voice cloning in the future. However, for the best results, we recommend custom voice training – which is currently available. Get in touch here for more info. 

  • How many hours of audio do you need for custom voice training? 

    We can train a cloned model with as little as 20 minutes of audio. However, we recommend more for the best results. 

  • How to AI voice video game characters?

    You can use AI to voice video game characters via API or the Inworld AI Engine. With the API, you can either record voices during production or use it for real-time text-to-speech in your game. 

    If you use the Inworld AI Engine, which powers all aspects of NPC performances including dialogue, voice, behavior and actions, memory, and more, our voices are already integrated and can be used at no extra cost. 

    To use the API, you’ll need to sign-up for Inworld Studio and obtain an API key from our Integrations tab. You can then make your first API call following the instructions in our Docs and start to synthesize speech. You can then use the API to record voices or integrate our API for real-time speech capabilities.

  • What is the best AI voice generator for games?

    Inworld has the best gaming-native AI voice generator. Our voices are expressive, cost-efficient, and high-quality.

    Key features of Inworld voices for games:

    • High-quality speech synthesis: Inworld uses advanced text-to-speech models to create natural and expressive speech.
    • Speech synthesis customization: Customization options allow you to select different voices and change the settings of the audio.
    • Easy integration: Easily integrate our TTS API into your video game using our user-friendly REST or gRPC APIs - using either basic or JWT authentication. Our voices API is backed by comprehensive documentation. You can also access our voices from Inworld Studio to power characters for real-time experiences.
    • Scalability and reliability: Designed to handle the high volumes of requests a popular game would generate, the API is built with scalability and reliability in mind to unparalleled speech synthesis.
    • Developer-friendly tools: Access our user-friendly developer portal and other resources to simplify the integration process and manage your account.
  • How much does Inworld Voice cost?

    We make the first 100 daily requests free via the text to speech APIReach out to our team for additional pricing options for your scale and application.

    If you want to use Inworld voices in tandem with your Inworld Engine implementation of AI NPCs and AI agents, please see our standard Inworld platform licensing. We don't charge separately for our voice pipeline – it's included with the cost of using the Inworld Engine.