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Empty Worlds: Solving for Concurrent Users in the Metaverse

If you listen to the news, the future of the metaverse might seem bleak. In October 2022, it was falsely reported that the well-known metaverse platform Decentraland only had 38 daily active users (DAU). That was later corrected to 56,697 monthly logged-in users. Earlier in the year, play-to-earn game Axie Infinity admitted that their user numbers had dropped from 1,331,453 DAU to just 588,000 DAU in three months. 

What does this mean for the long-term future of the metaverse, a market that Citi predicted in mid-2022 would be worth between $8 trillion and $30 trillion by 2030? Was all that metaverse hype for nothing? Not at all. 

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  • What’s working in successful metaverse developments
  • Why concurrent usage is so low in certain metaverse experiences
  • How others are solving for it
  • How to stop or avoid the downward usage spiral that low concurrent user numbers often sparks

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