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Tutorial: Advanced AI NPC Character Creation Bootcamp, Part 2

Inworld Team
March 02, 2023
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Looking to have some fun with AI characters? Or maybe you want to integrate them into your game? The second part of our character creation bootcamp (check out the first part here!) gives you an overview of Inworld's advanced character creation and management features including how to create scenes, develop common knowledge for your characters, track interactions, and integrate your characters into Unity, Unreal Engine, or Node.js.

Matt from the Inworld team will walk you through the process of how to use these features when creating your character.

The Advanced Tutorial explains:

  • Creating Scenes for your integrations
  • Using Scene Triggers to change character dynamics throughout a scene
  • Having a bank of information that multiple characters can tap into
  • Utilizing the Interactions Dashboard for Analytics
  • And more!

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