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Best AI mods if you’re looking for better NPCs

Inworld Team
August 24, 2023
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Starting in the 1980s with Lode Runner, user modifications (or mods as they’re better known) have allowed players to make all sorts of changes to games ranging from valuable additions like new inventory systems and bug fixes🪲 – to the just plain weird

AI has always played a big role in the modding scene. Mod creators have developed custom programs that alter the behavior of AI NPCs and enemies in several games, such as making them behave more aggressively or behave more logically.

With the rise of generative AI, modders are now building transformative AI mods that incorporate large language models such as ChatGPT and OpenAI. However, these mods have gotten mixed reviews. 

Popular modder Bloc racked up over 680K views on YouTube when he integrated Inworld NPCs into Skyrim, with comments describing it as ‘literally insane’ and a ‘game changer.’ Meanwhile, Kotaku described a similar Skyrim AI mod that integrated ChatGPT as a ”robotic horror movie” because of its mechanical speech and long responses. 🤖

At Inworld, our aim is to help modders harness the power of large language models to create NPC experiences that are lifelike and fit seamlessly into the game world. Modders are often the ones who break new ground at the cutting-edge of AI and gaming.

Below, we’ve showcased what we feel are the best AI mods available today, as well as the talented modders behind them. 

✨ Skyrim AI Mod - Generative AI NPCs

Overview: This mod connects Inworld's AI-based NPCs and Skyrim, allowing players to approach any NPC and have freeform conversations by typing a message or voice-to-voice. It also uses ElevenLabs speech synthesis technology to ensure all the NPCs sound natural.

Modder: Bloc 

AI tech: Inworld AI, Elevenlabs

Why we love it: The best part about this mod is how it seamlessly integrates our AI NPCs with existing gameplay mechanics. All the dialogue and content that Bethesda created  is still there; the AI conversation system just adds an extra layer of immersion.

Reception:This is actually insane. The roleplay potential just shot through the roof. And if characters can interpret orders to go do something, the world could really become living and breathing... or potentially off-the-wall chaotic.” - @darkeather2 on YouTube. 

Link to repo: Nexus Mods

✨ Ready or Not AI mod - Swat and Suspects AI Overhaul

Overview: This mod vastly improves the AI powering the SWAT teams and suspects in the tactical FPS, Ready or Not, so they behave more realistically during missions. 

Modder: ArmeT 

AI tech: Modification of base game’s AI

Why we love it: This is an excellent example of how tweaking an AI can drastically improve the gameplay experience. For example, SWAT teams are more likely to try to talk down suspects before firing on them and suspects duck for cover rather than charge at the player.

Reception:The base game swat AI is just about unusable. I cannot tell you how many times I've had people shooting at us for all four members to be staring braindead at a wall while I try to figure out where the shots are coming from, just for the swat to get dropped.” - @greed0599 on YouTube.

Link to repo: Nexus Mods 

✨ Bannerlord AI Mod 

Overview: This mod integrates Inworld AI’s powerful AI character engine into Mount & Blade 2 - Bannerworld, allowing the player to engage with characters from across the world of Calradia, from humble villagers to powerful lords and ladies. 

Modder: Bloc

AI tech: Inworld AI

Why we love it: Every noble in Calradia has been generated based on their in-game characters and it’s possible to uncover entire hidden plots by delving deep enough into conversations. Better yet, this Bannerlord AI mod features almost no latency when chatting and all the AI-generated NPCs persist throughout each save game.

Reception:This is huge! Can't imagine RPG games in the future, with all AI-generated dialogs, quests, locations, and dungeons.”  - @FamilyStom on YouTube

Link to repo: Nexus Mods 

✨ Arma 3 AI mod - AI mods compilation list

Overview: Here you’ll find more than 120 useful mods for the military sandbox, Arma 3, enhancing almost everything you could think of in-game through the power of AI. 

Modder: XxProgamerxX, Dj_Rolnik, Ibragim, Tally, Gunter Severloh, and many more!

Why we love them: There’s an Arma 3 AI mod for everyone here, including improvements to commands, driving, flying, shooting, first aid, voices, scripts, respawning and more. The Arma series has a strong link to the modding community (did you know DayZ is an Arma mod?) so it’s great to see that link evolving with AI. 

Link to repo: Bohemia

✨ Total War Warhammer 3 AI Mod - Ultra Aggressive & Smart AI

Overview: This mod overhauls the behavior of enemies in the real-time strategy game Total War: Warhammer 3 by vastly increasing their intelligence and aggressiveness. 

Modder: Hecleas

Why we love it: The joy of real-time strategy games comes from outsmarting opponents, and with this mod, players will need to plan each move very carefully if they have any chance of winning with this Total War Warhammer 3 AI mod.

AI tech: Enhancements to in-game code

Reception:  “I cannot live without this mod; fantastic work! This mod makes the game much more challenging and real.” - @thiagodinizr on Steam

Link to repo: Steam

✨ Morrowind AI voice mod - Quest Voice Greetings

Overview: This mod adds over 900 new lines of AI-generated dialogue, based on the existing voice actors, to Bethesda’s classic RPG, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The Morrowind AI voice mod focuses on significant characters, quest-givers, and minor NPCs.

Modder: VonDjangos

AI tech: ElevenLabs

Why we love it: Morrowind is a brilliant game that was incredibly ambitious for its time, but a lot has changed since its release over two decades ago, particularly the quality of the voice acting. Many of the NPCs in the game have almost robotic and very odd greetings; by fixing them, VonDjangos has made the game substantially more immersive and modern. 

Reception: “I've gotta's rare when such a groundbreaking mod is released. Bravo. Total game changer.” - @Mainframe on NexusMods

Link to repo: Nexus Mods 

✨ Battlefield 2 AI Mods - Professional AI Mod

Overview: Yes, it’s one of the oldest Battlefield games, but it still has plenty of active players! This Battlefield 2 AI mod allows AI-controlled enemies to exhibit much more human-like behavior; they will heal and revive their allies, aim better over long distances, rush toward objectives and use vehicles to their advantage.

Modder: Djjonastybe and 7game

AI tech: Modification of base game’s AI

Why we love it: Having intelligent AI opponents can be a lifesaver for older online-multiplayer games like Battlefield 2, as it means you don’t need a full lobby of players to enjoy the game. 

Reception: “Just try out the new version, it's awesome! Infantry bots are now way harder and more intelligent; they use grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and more. They even use the rocket launcher to shoot the helicopter!” - @ltrungdy on YouTube 

Link to repo: Mobbd

✨ Payday 2 Better AI Mod - Better Bots

Overview: By tweaking and changing certain aspects of the in-game code, this mod enhances AI-controlled teammates so they behave more like human players.

Modder: Schmuddel

AI tech: Amendments to in-game code

Why we love it: The Payday 2 Better AI mod improves the experience of playing with bots, making the game far more enjoyable when a teammate loses their connection or during times when it’s challenging to fill a lobby. 

Reception: This mod was featured in Twinfinite’s ten best Payday 2 mods.

Link to repo: Mod Workshop 

✨ Anno 1800 AI Mod - Combat Overhaul

Overview: This Anno 1800 AI mod changes how the NPCs build and fight, completely overhauling almost every aspect of the game regarding combat. It even introduces new ships which can be used by players and NPCs. 

Modder: DanyNexus

AI tech: Modification of base game’s AI

Why we love it: The mod is split into several smaller parts, allowing users to pick and choose which aspects they’d like to use.

Reception: “I have played this mod for weeks and can confirm it can be a game changer; highly recommended if you love the combat aspect of 1800 and feel vanilla AI is too weak.” - @Ionfrigate on Reddit 

Link to repo: Reddit

🖥️ How to create an AI mod of your own

Did you know you can create mods using the latest AI technology through our Inworld Studio? All you have to do is spend a few minutes building up a dynamic NPC using our character creator, filling in details such as their backstory and key personality traits, and then integrating them into different game experiences via SDKs. 🕹️

You can even chat with your character before adding them to a game, so you know they’ll be the right fit for the title you’re modding - just head to our studio to give it a go.

Or learn more about other AI mods that have integrated Inworld’s Character Engine:

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