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Best Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord mods 2023

Inworld Team
November 14, 2023
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Mods for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord have expanded the game in dramatic and exciting ways over the last few years – from total conversions to fantasy worlds like Game of Thrones’ Westeros and Warhammer’s Old World to bolted-on mechanics like magic spells and massive, multiplayer battles.

Recently, popular modder Bloc even created a Bannerlord mod that integrates generative AI-powered NPCs to bring the lords of Calradia to life. Using large language models and a ChatGPT-like interface, Bloc’s mod allows you to converse freely with characters in Bannerlord to learn lore, ask questions, and more.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord modding of all time –  from Bannerlord coop mods to Bannerlord total conversion mods to the beloved Bannerlord Game of Thrones mod. And – if you’re interested in trying out more generative AI-powered mods like the one Bloc created – check out our Early Access Program for AI Games. 🎮

Inworld AI: Calradia - Bannerlord mod

  • Overview: Powered by Inworld, this mod allows you to talk to almost any NPC in Bannerlord using generative AI. Just click on an NPC, ask to talk to them, type in whatever you want, and they respond (using real time voices, too).  
  • Modder: Bloc
  • Why we love it: Bannerlord’s NPCs are generally a bit two-dimensional with limited dialogue trees and options to interact. This mod opens things up to be more realistic and believable allowing you to experience the world of Calradia in a more immersive manner than ever before. Discover hidden agendas, in-world lore, or just find out what’s on your favorite NPC’s mind. Truly the best Bannerlord modding around. 
  • Reception: “This is incredible. It's the start of what will very likely be a massive innovation for the gaming industry as a whole.” - SonOfOrion42, YouTube
  • Link to repo: Nexus Mods

Realm of Thrones Bannerlord Game of Thrones mod

  • Overview: A Bannerlord total conversion mod based on Game of Thrones (GOT).
  • Modder: Carolina Warlord
  • Why we love it: The ‘canon’ land of Mount & Blade, Calradia, is missing one crucial thing: dragons! With this Bannerlord Game of Thrones mod, the Realm of Thrones mod, you don’t just get dragons, but you’ll also get the whole of Westeros (and Essos to boot). Yes, this ambitious mod lets you play ‘the Game of Thrones,’ and interact with all the major houses and characters from George RR Martin’s book series and HBO’s show. Hundreds of new characters and over twenty kingdoms are included - and did we mention dragons? This GOT mod for Bannerlord has it all!
  • Reception: “I’ve never had so much fun in a game as in this one” - BryansNL, Reddit
  • Link to repo: Nexus Mods

The Old Realms - Bannerlord Warhammer mod

  • Overview: This Bannerlord total conversion mod is based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy setting.
  • Modder: The Old Realms Mod Team
  • Why we love it: While games based on Games Workshop and Warhammer properties are not in short supply, none have tried to emulate Bannerlord’s unique mix of combat, exploration, sieges, and diplomacy - which makes The Old Realms a perfect mod project. Hugely ambitious (and a work in progress) this Bannerlord Warhammer mod aims to recreate the entire ‘Old World’ of Warhammer, arguably the archetypal ‘grimdark fantasy’ with a complete new look, new systems, characters, and more. A perfect match of subject and game.
  • Reception: “To put it simply, this is exactly what I have looked for in a Warhammer game.” - legatejakius, Mod DB review
  • Link to repo: Mod DB

Calradia Awakens - Eagle Rising - Bannerlord total conversion mods

  • Overview: This Bannerlord total conversion mod explores the history of Calradia, Bannerlord’s canon world, modeled loosely on our own world’s ancient societies. 
  • Modder: The Calradia Awakens Team
  • Why we love it: Calradia is heavily inspired by real history but set in the medieval past. What if you wanted to go back further? Calradia Awakens - Eagle Rising takes inspiration from ancient history, modeling ancient Calradian factions on historical societies such as the Romans, Celts, Dacians, and Scythians. The modding team even have more societies planned. The mod can also serve as a way to make ‘ancient troop types’ available on a historical map. 
  • Reception: “It’s awesome so far. I'm a super nerd for anything Roman so when I came across this mod I almost had a heart attack!” - H3CTICFusion, Reddit
  • Link to repo: Nexus Mods

Open Source Armory - Bannerlord armor mods 

  • Overview: A bannerlord is only as good as his armor and weapons! Want more armor for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord? This Bannerlord armor mod has got it all.
  • Modder: The Open Source Armory Team
  • Why we love it: With any mod-heavy game, it can be a little tedious to hunt down the best mod for this or that - which is why ‘mod packs’ which gather many mods together are always lifesavers. The Open Source Armory does that for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, adding over 1,600 custom armors from other modders, 83 new shields, and 137 weapons. Enough to equip any army! 
  • Reception: “It has a lot of content that is useful if you want a very fantasized campaign as King, Emperor etc. There is so much cool stuff” - the_dark_knight2222, Reddit
  • Link to repo: Nexus Mods

Diplomacy - Bannerlord diplomacy mod

  • Overview: The Mount & Blade series is mostly known for epic combat and sieges. This mod aims to give the player more to do on the non-combat side, adding a variety of diplomatic
  • Modder: Diplomacy Team
  • Why we love it: It’s always nice to have non-combat options in gameplay and this mod delivers that in spades. In addition to  improving and expanding the diplomacy interface in Bannerlord, this Bannerlord diplomacy mod also adds options like civil wars, the ability to grant and claim fiefdoms, messengers, and alliances – all making for a deeper and more realistic experience.  
  • Reception: “My gods, the diplomacy mod is amazing.” - ChevalierdeSol, Reddit
  • Link to repo: Nexus Mods

Bannerlord Star Wars mod - Bannerlord overhaul mods

  • Overview: Star Wars mixed with Mount & Blade? Sign us up! 
  • Modder: Separatist Crisis Team
  • Why we love it: Well, it’s Star Wars… but beyond that, the Separatist Crisis mod for Mount & Blade II is a spiritual successor to the super-popular Star Wars Conquest Mod for the original Mount & Blade, which was an all-time great mod. It’s relatively early days for this mod but first impressions are strong. The mod’s creators have huge ambitions.
  • Reception: “These troops are way too accurate for star wars” - BossRedGuard, Reddit
  • Link to repo: Nexus Mods

Europe 1100 - Bannerlord overhaul mods

  • Overview: A historical total conversion for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, based on Europe at the turn of the 12th century. 
  • Modder: Fatrod
  • Why we love it: Calradia is a vivid world, but sometimes we just want to scratch that ‘real history’ itch and Europe 1100 does that. With 26 kingdoms, almost 200 historical clans, and over 450 lords (based on real life historical figures!), this is a history lesson that you can hack and slash your way into. The modder behind it is dedicated to keeping the mod historically accurate, so short of a time machine, this is a great way to experience war in the 12th century.
  • Link to repo: Nexus Mod

Bannerlord Persistent Empires mod - Bannerlord total conversion mod

  • Overview: A spiritual successor to Mount & Blade: Warband’s Persistent World mod, Persistent Empires makes Bannerlord into a quasi-MMO, with support for hundreds of simultaneous players on one server. 
  • Modder: DukeTritus
  • Why we love it: While mass battles are Bannerlord’s trademark, mass battles with each soldier being an actual player are something else! Add in extensive modifications and a deep career system (that starts you off as a lowly serf!) and you have an experience that goes well beyond ‘vanilla’ Bannerlord.
  • Reception: “Amazing mod, find a castle or a village of people and just play. Large ground battles and sieges, several active factions to pick from, it's a great time.” - Ghost#NB, Steam
  • Link to repo: Nexus Mods

Realistic Battle mod Bannerlord 

  • Overview: Is medieval mounted combat with sword and shield not realistic enough for you? Are you not entertained? Make Bannerlord (more) realistic with this mod.
  • Modder: Marnah93 and Philozoraptor
  • Why we love it: For most people Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is realistic enough, but for those who crave ultimate realism, there’s this Realistic Battle mod for Bannerlord. Featuring weapon damage effects that vary against armor, ranged damage based on kinetic energy and “scientifically accurate” couched lancing, this is the mod to get if you want to up your realism ante significantly.
  • Reception: “It's a game-changer and it makes the battles so much more challenging, longer, and more interesting.” - indrids_cold, Reddit
  • Link to repo: Nexus Mods

Bannerlord multiplayer mod 

  • Overview: Bannerlord Online adds co-operative multiplayer to Bannerlord, allowing players to enjoy the Bannerlord experience with their friends.
  • Modder: Storm54
  • Why we love it: Player-vs-player is always fun in Bannerlord, but Bannerlord Online takes it much further to allow 100 v 100 battles, as well as features like an in-depth player economy, progression, co-op caravans, a companion system, and more. If Persistent Empires is about clan-based PvP on a massive scale, Bannerlord Online attempts to let you experience Bannerlord itself on a huge scale.
  • Reception: “It's genuinely the most fun I've had with Bannerlord in hundreds of hours.” - erjo5055, Reddit
  • Link to repo: Mod DB

Magic Spells - Bannerlord magic mod

  • Overview: This Bannerlord magic mod adds ten magic spells to Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.
  • Modder: Feydras
  • Why we love it:  Bannerlord strives for realism and an authentic medieval style experience – but sometimes – you just need a little magic. With this mod, anyone a little bored with the sometimes tricky archery in normal play can pick and choose from spells like Arcane Shot, Heartseeker, or Brilliant Lance for picking off targets. What about when a siege comes around? Decimate groups of foes with Fireball, Shatterstorm, or Forceblast. It’s Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord modding magic. 
  • Link to repo: Nexus Mods

Want to play more AI mods?

Whether you plan on trying out the Bloc’s mod, the Bannerlord Game of Thrones mod, or the Bannerlord Warhammer mod first, by the end of your Bannerlord modding journey, you might be interested in testing out other cool mods. You can sign up for our Early Access for AI Games program to get notified of any new games or mods with AI NPCs including for games like Stardew Valley, Skyrim, and more!  

Like talking directly to NPCs in Bannerlord? You can also talk with a large selection of AI characters for free in the Inworld Arcade.

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