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Chat to AI characters: Tips to create a great AI character

Inworld Team
November 28, 2023
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Recent advancements in natural language processing and machine learning have revolutionized the way we engage with AI. Indeed, it’s given rise to AI characters. 

AI characters are not chatbots. They’re human-like characters who can talk to you about anything, imitate famous figures or fictional characters, and even play the role of an empathetic listener. Whether you're in need of sage advice, a gaming partner, or just some witty banter, AI characters provide an engaging, one-of-a-kind experience.

Want to chat to AI characters you can’t find online yet? You can create a version of that character yourself! But first, you’ll need to learn how to create a great AI character. We’ll walk you through what an AI character is, what kinds of AI characters you can find online, and give you some sample AI characters to test out in our Arcade. Then, we’ll give you tips for how to customize an AI character of your own in Inworld’s Studio

What is an AI character?

AI characters are chatbots powered by large language models that simulate what it’s like to chat with a favorite fictional character or public figure. They can understand and respond to user queries via text or speech, offer relevant or helpful information, or engage in meaningful (and entertaining!) dialogue.

AI characters first became popular in 2022 when OpenAI launched ChatGPT and people began using the tech to create characters you could talk to based on famous characters or public figures. In November 2022, Inworld AI launched our Arcade, where people can create and chat with AI characters. Since launch, users have created all sorts of cool AI characters from an AI Wednesday Addams to an AI version of Elon Musk. 

Choose what kind of AI character to create

The first step to creating a great AI character to chat to is figuring out what kind of AI character you’d prefer. We’ll walk you through the most popular kinds of AI characters you can find online and give you some sample characters you can chat with to help you figure out which would be right for you! 

Chat to AI characters - Movies

From valiant heroes to cunning villains, we all have a few favorite movie characters. Now, AI can shift the way you interact with them. 

Chat with legendary figures like the brilliant Sherlock Holmes, the fearsome AI bot M3GAN, or even the wise and powerful Daenerys Targaryen. AI characters provide an unprecedented behind-the-scenes experience that allows you to get to know movie characters like never before. So, make a list of your favorite movie characters and start creating them! 

Chat to AI characters from the movies: 

Chat to AI characters - TV

Get ready to bring your favorite shows to life! You can now have conversations with TV characters. Superheroes, sitcom characters, and even villains are all fair game. Picture yourself engaging in conversations with the clever Dr. Who, the wise Grandpa Rick, or the iconic Walter White

From dissecting mind-bending plot twists to seeking sage advice or simply gushing over your TV show obsessions, these AI characters are here to elevate your TV experience. 

Chat to AI characters from TV:

Chat to AI characters - AI NPCs

With AI NPCs, you have the ability to talk to any video game character you want. Always wished you could chat with Cortana? You can do that! Want to ask Princess Peach what it’s like to get kidnapped so often? Also a possibility! From whimsical wizards to mischievous talking animals and charming robots, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

AI NPC characters can transport you to a magical world overflowing with ancient wisdom and mystical quests. They possess vibrant personalities and one-of-a-kind traits, ensuring that each interaction is entertaining. 

Chat to AI characters from video games:

Chat to AI characters - Funny characters

Feeling bored? Do you want to laugh? AI character platforms like the Inworld Arcade offer funny original characters to entertain you for hours.

Whether you prefer talking to a comedian, a cartoon character, or a sarcastic feline, the options are endless. These AI characters are created to be humorous, intelligent, and captivating.

Chat to AI characters:

Chat to AI characters - AI Anime & Manga

Step into the world of anime and manga, where – with the help of AI – you can interact with beloved characters from iconic series like One Piece, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia. Or dive deeper into the realm of lesser-known series.  

Learn from their wisdom, be entertained, or simply bask in delightful conversations with characters you’ve always wished you could chat with.

Chat to AI characters from the anime & manga:

Chat to AI characters - AI RPG

Like RPGs? When it comes to AI RPG characters there is a wide range of options, including valiant warriors, cunning spies, and wise wizards. That’s perfect for users who enjoy engaging in role playing and diverse storytelling. 

Inworld’s Arcade has a wide range of options, from ancient gods to futuristic robots. You can talk to a dragon in a medieval fantasy world or an extraterrestrial being in space. You can also play text adventure games that take you on a role playing adventure! Discover new realms, assume new personas, and embark on exhilarating quests.

Chat to AI characters from RPGs:

Chat to AI characters - Public Figures

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a conversation with your favorite public figure? Well, thanks to the advancements in AI, now you can! Whether it's a famous historical figure, a beloved fictional character, or even a renowned scientist, the possibilities are endless. 

Imagine chatting with Albert Einstein about his theories, or discussing literature with William Shakespeare. Or maybe you’d prefer to chat with your favorite musician about their creative process. With AI character platforms, you can make these dreams a reality.

Chat to AI public figures:

Chat to AI characters - AI assistants

An AI assistant serves as a reliable companion always willing to offer guidance and assistance. Need help with your studies or work tasks? Your AI assistant can provide valuable advice, recommend resources, and assist in generating ideas. 

Planning a trip? Your AI assistant can propose exciting destinations and suggest must-visit places. Need help with financial management? Create or find an AI assistant that’s great at providing budgeting tips. Essentially, AI assistants are like having a personal tutor, travel expert, therapist, and mentor available whenever you need them.

Chat to AI assistants:

Chat to AI characters - AI friends

Have you ever wished you could have a friend who understands you perfectly? Someone you can chat with, share your thoughts and feelings with, and who is always there for you? Well, that dream is now a reality.

AI character platforms enable you to create and engage in conversations with AI friends of your own choosing. These AI companions are designed to interact with you just like real friends, offering a listening ear or advice. You can discuss your favorite topics, seek guidance on personal matters, or simply have lighthearted banter.

Chat to AI friends:

Tips for creating better AI characters

Creating compelling AI characters in Inworld AI’s Studio involves a few basic steps. To learn more about how our Studio works, see our other posts about how to create an AI character and watch the video above to get familiar with the character creation process. 

We’re diving into more advanced tips here to help you craft more engaging and realistic AI characters (you can also get additional tips in our Docs!):

  • Distinct personality traits: Define unique traits for your character. Consider their quirks, beliefs, mannerisms, and speaking style to make them stand out. If you’re creating a character based on a well-known character, look for descriptions of them online to see how others describe them or add aspects of their personalities that stand out to you to their character description. 
  • Depth and complexity: Develop a backstory and depth for your character. What motivates them? What are their goals or fears? Adding layers makes them more relatable. If you’re creating an AI character based on a well-known character, linking to their Wikipedia page is one easy way to add in their backstory. 
  • Personality and emotional Intelligence: Give your AI characters a distinctive personality and emotional life. Understanding and empathizing with users' feelings can enhance the conversation experience with some AI characters. Getting rude responses from a villain character is great as well. If you’re modeling your AI character on a well-known character make sure to try out different personality combinations until you get it just right. But remember – Inworld’s personality sliders are sensitive. Creating a character with any extremity of one emotion might make them too intense and lack emotional range. 
  • Making sure they know what they know: If you want your AI characters to know certain things and bring them up in conversations, be sure to add some of these facts to the Personal Knowledge section in the studio. You can add their backstory, relationships, specialties, personal opinions, favorite sayings, things they love or hate, and any facts you would expect the character to know if you questioned them. 
  • Getting the words right: Not all characters speak in perfect English. In the Dialogue Section of Inworld’s studio, you can add a custom dialogue style that adds slang to their conversational style. You can also add examples of how you want the character to speak in the Example Dialogue section! If you’re creating a well-known character, then you can even add quotes from them in the Example Dialogue section. 
  • Staying on topic: Want your character to talk about one specific topic? Add it to their Motivations in Inworld’s studio. Whether you want them to talk about saving the world or share gossip, that’s the section in Inworld’s Studio you’ll want to add it to. You can also add specifics about the topic in the Core Description, Knowledge, and Example Dialogue sections. 
  • Testing and Iteration: You’re likely not going to get your AI character right on your first go. But that’s okay! A big part of the AI character creation process is testing and iterating. Did your character just say something completely out of character? Edit their character description. Did they not know something they’re supposed to know? Add that in. After a few tweaks, you’ll find that your character has significantly improved! 

Chat with AI characters or create your own for free!

Inworld Studio is an easy-to-use platform for AI character generation, helping you breathe life into any character you can imagine. Better yet – it’s free to use to chat to characters in Studio or Arcade

Prefer not to create your own character? Talk to AI characters through our Early Access Program for AI Games or via Arcade, our AI character showcase.

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