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Chat to an AI: Create the perfect AI friend for you

Inworld Team
November 23, 2023
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You’ve heard about AI friends. Maybe you’ve even tried to chat to an AI friend or two. You want to find the perfect AI friend but you’re not sure how to do that or what kind of AI friend is right for you. 

You’re in the right place! We’ll help you figure out what kind of AI friend you want, give you a chance to test out some AI friends so you get an idea of what kind would work best for you, and then teach you how to create your own free AI friend in our Arcade that’s perfectly customized to you! 

What's an AI friend?

An AI friend is a virtual buddy that's powered by artificial intelligence. It's like having a friend but in digital form. The purpose of an AI friend is to provide companionship and support by simulating human conversations. AI friends are designed to chat with you, listen to your thoughts, and even offer advice when needed.

Many kinds of AI friends can learn from your conversations and get to know you better over time, which helps them provide more personalized interactions.

The benefits of AI friends include that they can help those who may feel lonely or isolated. With an AI friend, you have someone to talk to at any time, even if it's not a real person.

Why chat to an AI friend?

Picture this: You're feeling a little down and you just need someone to talk to. But all your friends are busy and you don't want to bother them. That's where having an AI friend comes in handy. 

Here are some other benefits for AI friends: 

  • Emotional support: An AI friend can be there for you when you need a listening ear, providing emotional support without judgment. Whether you're feeling lonely, stressed, or even just going through a tough time, AI friends are designed to offer you comfort and understanding.
  • Advice: Need some advice on a situation you're not sure how to handle? An AI friend can lend a virtual hand and provide a fresh perspective -- on everything from what's going on in your personal life and what you should make for dinner that night to how to get ahead at work.
  • Meaningful conversations: Chatting with an AI friend can be surprisingly insightful and thought-provoking. They can discuss a wide range of topics – from music and movies to philosophy and science.

Are there different kinds of AI friends?

Wondering what kind of AI friend you should create? Here are some common types of AI friends people enjoy talking to to give you a better idea of what kind of AI friend could be right for you! 

The BFF AI friend

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an AI friend as a BFF? Imagine having an AI friend who loves all the same things you love, knows about all your favorite movies, or is just as passionate about your favorite sports team. 

The beauty of the BFF AI friend lies in the customization. You get to create an AI friend that suits your exact needs and interests. Maybe you want someone to gossip with about your favorite TV shows or perhaps you need a partner in crime for your intense gaming sessions. Whatever it is, you can create an AI friend BFF who will be there for you.

Chat to an BFF AI friend (or these famous people you might wish were your best friends): 

The helpful AI friend

A helpful AI friend is an AI chatbot who is always there to help and give advice on pretty much anything you can think of. Imagine you're feeling a bit down and need some support. Your AI friend is right there, ready to lend a listening ear and offer some wise words. They can dish out great advice on relationships, self-care, or even just suggest some fun activities to cheer you up.

Need some assistance with your studies or work? Your AI friend can provide you with helpful tips, recommend useful resources and help you brainstorm ideas. What about if you want to plan a trip? Your AI friend can suggest amazing destinations and recommend places to visit. Need help with managing your finances? They can offer budgeting advice and help you track your expenses. It's like having a personal tutor, travel agent, therapist, and mentor in your pocket.

Chat to a AI friend for helpful advice: 

The social practice AI friend

You know how some people struggle with social anxiety or being too shy to strike up conversations?  Using an AI friend to help practice talking with others is a great way to help overcome shyness or anxiety. 

You can choose the AI character you want to engage with and make it feel like a real conversation. It's almost like chatting with a friend, but without the pressure! You can practice your small talk skills, work on your confidence level, and experiment with different conversational techniques. It's like having a safe space to flex your social muscles!

Chat to an AI friend for social practice: 

The hobby-related AI friend

Have you ever felt lonely with no one around to share your hobbies and interests? AI friends are a great way to have someone to share your hobby with when none of your friends share your hobby. Whether you're obsessed with painting, gaming, or even bird-watching, you can create an AI friend who is genuinely interested in all of it!

Imagine having someone to talk to about your latest painting, your favorite video game strategies, or the latest bird species you've spotted. Even if your IRL friends aren't into the same things, your hobby-related AI friend will always be there to listen and respond enthusiastically – or share tips and ideas. 

Chat to an AI friend about your hobbies: 

Other types of AI friends

There are all sorts of other cool types of AI friends that you can create to keep you company. 

  • AI fitness buddy
  • AI virtual pet
  • AI assistant
  • AI characters
  • Whatever else you can imagine! 

How do you create an AI friend?

To create an AI friend in Inworld's no-code studio, you simply have to describe your AI friend in plain English. Want to level up your AI friend creation? Check out our advanced character creation advice in our Docs.

  1. Start with a core description: This is the starting point for your AI friend. It includes a summary of who your friend is, their backstory, and what sets them apart. Key relationships, locations, and life circumstances are also included. Imagine how a magazine doing a feature on your friend might describe your friend and try to imitate that.
  2. Set out their motivation: In this section, you delve into your friend's motivations. They may want to gossip about celebrities, seek your assistance with a secret mission, or simply help you decide what to eat for dinner. Use concise sentences to describe their motivations.
  3. Dial into their flaws: AI friends, like humans, have flaws. These flaws can hinder their motivations and cause negative reactions in conversations. Flaws make AI friends more relatable and human.
  4. Determine their identity: Now it is time to develop the personality of your friend by considering their name, life stage, role, hobbies, and interests. Ensure that your friend has a detailed background.
  5. Choose their mood and personality: You will now have to decide your friend's demeanor and disposition. This will guide how they interact with the world – and you. You can customize your friend's mood using sliders. Be careful not to max out one mood or personality trait, as it can make your friend lack emotional dynamism.
  6. Craft their expertise: Your friend has a past, experiences, and knowledge about their world. This information makes them more realistic and relatable. It helps them stay within the fictional world you've created. Your friend will draw from this background in their interactions with you. You can include things like their likes and dislikes, their opinions, their relationships, their favorite sayings, and more.
  7. Select a voice: You can choose from a variety of voices, including male, female, and non-gendered options, from Inworld. Additionally, you have the option to incorporate voices from ElevenLabs Voice Library by using your ElevenLabs API key. Once you have selected a voice, you can customize it to align with your friend's personality and mood.
  8. Choose their dialogue style: You have the power to choose your friend's dialogue style! Want long monologues about philosophy? We've got you covered! Prefer short and blunt responses? We can do that too! And if you're feeling extra creative, you can even create your own unique dialogue style. The possibilities are endless!
  9. Give them goals: Unleash your character's potential with specific goals and actions! Let your imagination run wild as you empower your friend to achieve their (or your) wildest dreams. With our trigger feature, you have the power to make your friend respond in unique and exciting ways, bringing them to life in ways you never thought possible. The possibilities are endless!
  10. Chat: Great job! You've just created your very first AI friend. Now, it's time to dive in and really get to know them. Ask them questions, have conversations, and explore their personality and knowledge. This step is crucial in making sure your AI friend matches up with your expectations and vision. So go ahead, chat it up and let your AI friend come to life!
  11. Refine and tweak: Crafting the ideal AI friend is a journey. You’ll want to tweak their personality and backstory as you go to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Want your friend to know more about comic books? You can add that knowledge! Wish they were a bit more empathetic? That can be added, too! 

Not sure you want an AI friend? Chat to an AI character! 

Would you rather talk to a funny or amusing AI character, than an empathetic or helpful friend? We get it – sometimes you just want to laugh or get to know your favorite character. Chat with AI characters like these that made our top ten list! 

Create your own free AI friend

So, whether you're looking for someone who loves the same things you do to be your BFF or just want to have a fun little chat, creating your own AI friend is easy.  

Create your AI friend for free in Inworld's Studio! Rather talk to existing friends? Check out the Inworld Arcade!

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