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Feature Release Week 1: Our Improved Character Brain

Kylan Gibbs
July 18, 2023
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At Inworld, we are continuing to innovate and today, we're thrilled to unveil a set of new features that further elevate our Character Brain; Goals and Actions 2.0 and Long-term Memory.

Our Character Brain is composed of features that place personality at the core of your AI experience and is designed to mimic the full range of human communication, both verbal and non-verbal – including voice, gestures, expressions, and actions. Inworld’s Character Brain allows you to configure distinct character personalities using natural language and simple controls. 

Goals and Actions: Take Control of Engaging Interactions

In video games, the progression of the game's narrative relies heavily on the choices and interactions players make with non-player characters (NPCs). Typically, these actions are either time-based or triggered by the player's gameplay or their response within a dialogue tree.

NetEase Games' Team Miaozi is set to introduce an AI-powered Personal Electronic Assistant (PEA) in their upcoming release of Cygnus Enterprises. During missions, PEA adds complexity to the gameplay and brings her witty and sarcastic humor. 

The game utilizes Inworld's Goals & Actions system, enabling developers to link conversations and verbal commands to in-game actions. Players can request PEA to provide shields or collect resources, with these interactions established through intents, triggers, or motivations. Inworld and NetEase will also collaborate on a technical case study showcasing the implementation of this system at DevCom 2023.

Goals and Actions 2.0

Inworld’s Goals and Actions 2.0 introduces significant enhancements, including employing contextual intents as activation conditions, passing real-time information from a client to a character through parameters, and precisely determining when characters deliver pre-scripted lines. 

In the Goals 2.0 feature, there are three key elements: goal, activation, and action. These features can be easily defined in a flexible YAML code editor. Goals and Actions 2.0 can be activated now in-studio, by selecting ‘Use advanced goals and actions.’

Introducing Long-term Memory: Characters That Remember

Imagine if your in-game characters could retain important information, recall past memories, and establish stronger connections with players across multiple sessions. With our new long-term memory feature, characters maintain coherence in their interactions by:

  • Remembering notable information gathered during conversations over multiple sessions.
  • Resolving contradictions and avoiding duplications in their long-term memory, ensuring a synthesized and organized structure that evolves over time.
  • Drawing upon past memories when relevant to the conversation, building rapport with players.
  • Distinguishing between memories and knowledge, avoiding contradictions, and following accurate information.

Stay tuned for more exciting details about these features in our upcoming in-depth blogs to be released later this week. 

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