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Inworld is now a Unity Verified Solutions Partner: Here’s how to get started!

Ilya Platonov
September 21, 2022
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Inworld is Unity partner

Did you know that as of 2021, 61% of game developers used Unity – a figure that included 94 of the top 100 development studios based on revenue?

Unity has long supported everyone from indie game developers to Fortune 500 companies with generative scene and world building on its real-time development platform. Inworld provides a complimentary service – an AI character engine. 

This integration with Unity as a Unity Verified Solutions Partner will make it even easier for creators of all kinds to build revolutionary interactive experiences. Using our no-code platform, anyone can design engaging AI characters with lifelike speech, facial gestures, and body language in minutes. Just drag and drop your Inworld characters into the platform. Imagine a merchant you can get to know in a video game or a brand ambassador who can get to know your preferences and recommend the coolest handbags in the metaverse.

Inworld AI character generator

Use natural language to describe your character's personality

The engaging social, immersive, and AI characters that Inworld enables have applications in gaming, the metaverse, entertainment, brand experiences, training, and more. Inworld AI also empowers creatives, modders, and designers of all kinds to break boundaries and experiment with storytelling – or just have fun creating a character they can talk to.

Get started with Inworld x Unity Tutorial

Access our Unity Verified Partner Solution directly from our developer docs. To help you get started, Bruce Cantarim, one of our resident engineers, created a fun tutorial to walk you through how to integrate your Inworld AI characters into your Unity experiences.

Spoiler: Getting started is easy! 

Inworld x Unity Docs

Like docs better? We have those, too. They’ll take you step by step through: 

  • Compatibility
  • Prerequisites
  • Getting started
  • Inworld editor
  • Creating your own character
  • Animations
  • Lip syncing
  • Head and eye movement
  • Legacy integrations
  • And more! 

Comprehensive developer docs

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