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Populating Decentraland with AI NPCs

Inworld Team
July 24, 2023
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We never cease to be amazed by the minds of the Decentraland community. Whether it’s a space adventure or a medieval dungeon maze, we easily lose ourselves in the community-created virtual world. With the recent integration of Inworld’s AI character platform, Decentraland creators can now add AI-powered NPCs to their Decentraland scenes, making their immersive experiences feel even more vibrant and lifelike.

AI NPCs enable users to have dynamic and interactive conversations, expanding the possibilities for storytelling and social interactions. Curious how they work? Visit Decentraland’s Genesis Plaza to talk to residents like Simone, the always-enthusiastic robot guide, or Aisha, a spirited streamer and former skater.

Inworld and Decentraland

Creativity and imagination are at the heart of the Decentraland community. The characters that inhabit virtual worlds should be as rich, complex, and dynamic as the real world. Inworld makes it easy to create personality-driven AI NPCs who have a contextual awareness of your world. Imagine a gregarious guide that welcomes visitors to your world, a mischievous quest giver, or a character who tells bad jokes to break the ice. 

Inworld makes it easy to craft NPC identities, personality traits, and knowledge bases by describing characters in natural language. Once you’ve created your character in Inworld Studio, follow the instructions provided by Decentraland to add them to your scene. 

According to a study from VICE and Razorfish, 65% of gamers believe that their online relationships are just as meaningful as offline ones. Inworld makes it easy to populate your virtual worlds with AI citizens who can be as vibrant and colorful as your community of users–especially when those users are offline. We can’t wait to see AI NPCs from the Decentraland community!

Sign up for our Studio to create a character, today! Happy crafting. 

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