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Introducing Inworld’s Simple API

Kylan Gibbs
July 12, 2023
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We have big news for developers who have been asking; our integration options now include a Simple API that is flexible and easy to use! 

Our Simple API is best used for sampling and testing, integrating into current game code bases, or can be used to build a web-based game. Our goal is to provide an intuitive, accessible, and supportive experience. We ultimately want to make it easy for you to leverage the capabilities of this text-based version of our conversation engine. 

Are you a developer creating a web-based game with a standardized architectural style? Our Simple API allows for easy deployment both on web-based and mobile platforms and we offer compatibility across various platforms, including web-based environments (e.g., HTML5, JavaScript) and mobile platforms (iOS, Android).

In addition, If you’re working with a legacy codebase, our Simple API is a great shortcut to integrate without breaking your existing codebase and is compatible with a variety of programming languages and development frameworks.

If you are new to game development or are interested in a simple way to understand our integration capabilities, this is also the perfect code playground for testing characters with MVP functionality without needing a deep understanding of robust systems. 

See our easy step-by-step integration guide and supporting documentation to start using Inworld’s Simple API right away!

If you are looking for other integrations that support audio and 3D modeling, check out our other integration options below! 

Other Inworld Integration Options

In addition to our new Simple API integration, we offer the following SDKs:

Whatever you bring to life with any of our integration options, we’d love to hear about it! Share your creations and ask questions in our Discord.

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