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Streamlining character creation with Studio REST API

Sherrie Cao
December 14, 2023
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In game creation, studios prioritize maximizing efficiency in development time to streamline workflows and simplify creativity. Our goal with our new Studio REST API release is to reduce friction for game developers with a robust and flexible tool that mirrors the functionality of our Inworld Studio and creates a time-saving short-cut for custom character creation. Studio REST API enables developers to leverage their existing tools for asset creation and management, introducing a simple and efficient way to use Inworld’s Studio functionalities. 

At design time

Studio REST API empowers game developers to build characters on the client side through programmatic character creation and moderation. This text-based method of character creation facilitates better version control and accelerates character iteration with rapid testing of designs. 

Developers can generate character profiles on the client side and use the API to make requests to the Inworld AI server from any development environment. This facilitates batch imports, updates, or deletions of multiple assets simultaneously. The process automates the updating of character core descriptions, knowledge, common knowledge, and more, while also creating workspaces for each player automatically.

At runtime

Studio REST API also enables players, or end users, to create custom characters as user-generated content during gameplay. Players can customize the personalities, behavior, and dialogue of their own AI NPCs (non-playable characters). In a fantasy role-playing game, players could design AI companions with specialized knowledge to assist them in their quests. Or, in a city-building simulation, players could shape the dynamics and narrative of their virtual cities with unique AI citizens. 

This API gives creators an easy-to-use tool to empower their players to contribute to the game world in a unique and creative way, fostering deeper immersion and engagement.

Get started today

See our documentation to get started with Studio REST API today!

base_url = ''
2def create_character_example():
3    create_character_json = """
4    "default_character_description": {
5        "character_role": "Warrior",
6        "description": "Likes to fight in hard battles with a huge axe.",
7        "given_name": "Axeon the Enchanted"
8    },
9    "language_code": "en-us"
12    char_dict = json.loads(create_character_json)
13    headers = {
14        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
15        'Grpc-Metadata-X-Authorization-Bearer-Type': 'studio_api'
16    }
17    # assuming we have a workspace called magic-world
18    response =
19        url=f"{base_url}/workspaces/magic-world/characters",
20        json=char_dict,
21        headers=headers
22        , auth=HTTPBasicAuth(api_key, api_secret)
23    )
24    # this will create character based on given name "Axeon the Enchanted" => workspaces/magic-world/characters/axeon_the_enchanted

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