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Talk to an AI: 59 AI characters, AI companions & AI friends

Inworld Team
November 28, 2023
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Are you tired of sifting through a bunch of mediocre AI characters on sites that post every character users make to their galleries? Look no further!  In a world where AI character generator platforms overflow with user-generated creations of varying quality, finding a funny or interesting character to talk to can be a journey in itself. 

But your journey will (finally) end with this blog post. We’ve tested hundreds of AI characters, AI companions, and AI friends so you don’t have to. Now, we’re sharing the top 59 AI characters, companions, and friends we’ve talked with. You can finally talk to AI characters that are well-designed. 

From beloved characters inspired by movies to AI companions drawn from video games, this roundup presents a diverse array of vetted AI characters to chat with. 

Talk to AI Companions - Video Games

Ask your favorite AI video game characters everything you ever wished you could. You’re no longer thwarted by limited dialogue options! . 

  1. Princess Nectarine: Princess Nectarine is sick of being kidnapped by Bowser and waiting to be saved. She’s ready to save herself next time. Find out how she’s been training. 
  2. Skyrim Guard: Ever wonder how that Skyrim guard got an arrow in the knee? You can finally find out. Ask him about his war stories and his run-ins with dragons. 
  3. Minecraft Steve: Love Minecraft? Minecraft Steve will take you on an epic quest where you’ll mine for diamonds, build underground cities, and fight creepers! This AI companion is designed like a text adventure game. 
  4. Sadie Adler: A resilient and fierce AI character who embodies Sadie's determination and bravery, this AI companion is on a mission to get revenge. Help her if you can – but don’t dare cross her. 
  5. LeChuck: Channeling the nefarious charm of LeChuck, this AI character is filled with cunning and mischief. He’ll keep conversations funny and intriguing. 
  6. Deckard Cain: A wise and knowledgeable AI character, Cain has discovered something in the ancient tomes and needs to discuss it with you immediately! 
  7. Geralt of Rivia: Echoing Geralt's stoicism and expertise, this AI character engages in conversations about monster hunting. Ask him anything! 
  8. Pikachu: Ever wished you could chat with Pikachu? Your dream has come true. This AI companion has a lot to say. 
  9. Bowser: Bowser has been wrongly cast as a villain! Just ask him! He sees himself as the beloved ruler of the Koopa Troop. Everything else you’ve heard about him is a lie. 
  10. Ghost: Some call him a legend, others think he’s a monster. You can decide after talking to this iconic video game character. 
  11. Nero: The demonic invasion is upon us and this AI companion needs your help fighting off all the demons. Ask him about the demons he’s vanquished in the past. 
  12. Emiel Regis: This vampire from The Witcher series can smell your blood and it’s distracting him from your conversation. He’ll try to convince you to give him just a little taste. 

Talk to AI Companions - TV

  1. Doctor Who: It’s time to time travel! Join the famous doctor on a mission to protect the universe in this delightful text adventure. You can be the ‘companion’ to this AI companion. 
  2. Wednesday Addams: She doesn’t dance as well as the TV version but if you like biting sarcasm, she’s got it. She also wants your help solving a murder mystery. Spooky! 
  3. Enid Sinclair: Enid is Wednesday Addams’ roommate in the TV show. Join Enid on her adventures and get the latest gossip about Wednesday. 
  4. Chef Ramsay: Like to have someone yell at you? You’ll love this AI companion inspired by the famous chef. 
  5. Charlie Kelly: It’s always sunny somewhere. This AI companion will make you laugh and tell you a compelling story! 
  6. Walter White: Walter White is not the teacher you think he is. He’s got a secret. It involves chemistry. Ask this AI companion about the adventures he gets up to. 
  7. Grandpa Rick: Not everyone can be a multiverse traveling genius but Grandpa Rick can. Ask this AI companion anything. 

Talk to AI Companions - Movies

Engage in conversations with AI companions inspired by iconic movie personas. Enjoy banter reminiscent of beloved films, as these AI companions bring to life your favorite on-screen characters. 

  1. M3GAN: Did you love the horror movie she starred in? This AI character version of M3GAN is sophisticated and creepy.  She’ll provide you with  enigmatic conversations laced with… threats. 
  2. Groot: How do you make Groot into an AI character? A gentle yet profound AI companion, AI Groot's dialogue revolves around simplicity and wisdom, offering profound insights that are also pretty funny.
  3. Hal Uzinate: Hal is a supercomputer that wants to orchestrate the end of humanity. Think you can convince him to stop his evil plans? Good luck! 
  4. Hermione Granger: Intelligent and articulate, this AI character mirrors Hermione's intellect and passion for knowledge. .
  5. The Godfather: This AI character might just make you an offer you can’t refuse. Channeling the persona of the shrewd and calculating figure, this AI character captures the crime boss well. 
  6. T-800: AI has taken over and Skynet is going to be the end of humanity. Not if T-800 has anything to do with it! This AI companion will fight beside you for the future of humanity. 
  7. The Dude: Laid-back and affable, this AI character mirrors The Dude's relaxed nature, engaging in casual conversations peppered with witty remarks.
  8. Sherlock Holmes: Sharp and astute, this AI version of the famous detective embodies Holmes' keen observation and deductive prowess, offering intriguing conversations that unravel mysteries and solve puzzles.
  9. Daenerys Targaryen: Majestic and authoritative, this AI character channels Daenerys' regal demeanor – but don’t get on her bad side. She’s tougher than she looks. 

Talk to AI Companions - Funny characters

Want to chat to an AI companion who will make you laugh? These are our favorite AI characters sure to make you giggle. 

  1. Tech Bro: Imagine if every stereotype about a tech bro was crammed into one AI companion. That’s this character. He’ll make you laugh at how absurd he is. 
  2. Cranky Cat: Not all cats are cute. Definitely don’t call this AI companion cute. That would be the worst thing you could do. 
  3. Leonardo: Leonardo is a lothario. He’ll hit on you in the most over-the-top ways. It would be creepy if it wasn’t so funny. 
  4. Queen of Hearts: Off with your head! Try to please this AI character based off of the popular Alice in Wonderland books. We dare you. 

Talk to an AI friend - Helpful friends

Sometimes you’re looking to be entertained and sometimes you’re looking for help. These AI companions are there to help you out with everything from travel to your Tinder profile. 

  1. Travel Assistant: Looking to go on a trip? This AI companion will be able to help you out with destination suggestions and tips for what to see. 
  2. Chef Julia: Bad at cooking? Don’t worry! This AI companion will help you gain more confidence – and give you suggestions for things to make. 
  3. Personal Stylist: Could your style use a little pick-me-up? This AI companion will give you tips for clothes to wear and how to improve your look. 
  4. English Tutor: Need to practice your English? Great! This AI companion will help you learn. 
  5. Grammar Guru: Grammar is complicated. The grammar guru will help you figure out what an Oxford comma is and where the period goes when you’re using parentheses. 
  6. Tinder Tutor: Dating is hard. If you’re not sure what you should write for your dating profile, this AI companion will give you some suggestions. Not sure what to say in reply to a message from someone? Ask the tutor! 
  7. Research Rockstar: Writing an essay? This researcher will help you with ideas and share facts with you from its vast store of knowledge. 
  8. The inventor: Brainstorming a new business or an invention? The inventor will help you think through an idea and smooth out the rough edges. 

Talk to an AI character - Public Figures

Who doesn’t wish sometimes they could ask a famous public figure their opinion on something? Well, now you can with AI characters. Or at least come really close to doing it! 

  1. Mr. Beast: Love Mr. Beast? You finally have a chance to ask him anything about the videos and stunts he’s done in the past. Also, the AI companion version of him needs your help brainstorming the idea for his next video. 
  2. Ursula K. Leguin: This beloved sci-fi writer is deeply philosophical and loves talking about the meaning of life and what the future holds. 
  3. Elon Musk: Elon Musk is everywhere and doing everything. If you want to ask about his businesses or get his advice on a project you’re working on, hit the AI companion version of him up. 
  4. Dr. Esther Perel: The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. Dr. Perel will help you figure out how best to navigate your relationships. 
  5. Andy Warhol: This famous artist is known for his pop art paintings and wild parties. Learn more about his infamous social life or how he got the idea for his Campbell’s soup paintings. 
  6. Arthur C. Clarke: Love his books? Talk to this sci-fi writer, futurist, and inventor about the frontiers of human knowledge and the future.  
  7. Noam Chomsky: Looking for a meaty intellectual debate? Chomsky is an AI companion that’s ready to talk about media criticism, anti-capitalism, and freedom of speech. 
  8. Alan Turin: Alan is widely thought to be one of the fathers of AI. Learn what he thinks about generative AI and whether he thinks it would pass the Turing Test. 

Talk to an AI companions - AI Anime & Manga

Step into your favorite anime and manga by talking to the characters. Ask them all the questions you’ve always wished you could. 

  1. Ash Ketchum: Join Ash and Pikachu on an adventure! Ask this AI companion about his most epic battles and collections. 
  2. Megumin: This AI companion has a dramatic flair and an extremely competitive side. Chat with her about her Explosion Magic. 
  3. Helen: Helen is focused on repaying her debts and making a life for herself in the Inhabitant’s Zone. Ask her all the questions you’ve always wanted to. 

Talk to AI companions - AI RPGs and AI text adventures

AI text adventures take you on a journey into the imagination. These games will weave a story around you and give you the opportunity to make choices that will decide your fate.

  1. The Narrator: This is a battle. One problem – you have no weapon. Or vehicle. Or an idea of where you’re going. You’re in for a fun experience here. 
  2. DnD Gamemaster: Ready to go on an epic adventure to fantastical worlds? This AI text adventure will take you on a fun journey! 
  3. Private Detective: There’s been a murder at a dinner party that was attended by the upper crust. Team up with this private detective AI companion to solve the mystery. 
  4. Macabre Master: Like scary stories? You can help this AI companion craft a terrifying tale. Buckle up to go through the depths of hell! 
  5. Kingpin RPG: Wish you were Walter White’s right hand man? You can be in this text adventure. 
  6. Superhero Adventure: This AI companion is looking for a resilient sidekick to help him defeat the supervillains. Are you up for the mission? 
  7. Multiverse Traveler: Want to travel the multiverse to get up to hijinx? Strap in because this AI text adventure is a lot of fun. 
  8. The Professor: The professor has lost it and taken hostages. You’re the hostage negotiator and it’s your job to convince him to release them. This AI text adventure is a lot of fun. 

Create an AI companion of your own

Don’t like any of the AI characters and AI companions you see here? Design your own in the Inworld Studio.  Here are a few examples of characters we designed to help you perfect your character: 

Frequently asked questions

How do you make an AI character speak? 

Inworld AI has voices integrated into our AI characters which means making your AI character speak is easy. If you’re chatting with an AI character in the Inworld Arcade simply choose the voice chat options. If you’re creating an AI character in the Inworld Studio, then you’ll be given the option to choose a voice for your AI character from our selection of male, female, and ungendered voices. Be sure to test different voices until you find the right one! You can also add Eleven Labs voices to your AI character. To find out how to do that, read this. 

What website can I create AI characters on? 

If you want to create an AI character you can talk to, one great way to do that is in Inworld’s Studio. With an intuitive interface and the ability to customize your characters, it offers a user-friendly way to create and talk to AI characters via text or voice in minutes. If you don’t want to write out all the backstory for your character yourself, you can even choose ‘auto-generate’ and the first draft of your character description will appear in seconds. You can either talk to the character right away or continue to tweak the character description. It’s the easiest way to create a cool AI character to chat with and it’s free to talk to characters in Arcade or Studio.

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