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Transmedia storytelling and character integrity

Transmedia storytelling is the future. Valuable IP doesn’t just jump from the silver screen to a TV series or video game anymore. Instead, gaming native IP like Halo and League of Legends evolve into TV series – or even a virtual K-pop girl group. TV shows become in-person immersive events with original storylines, special merchandise, and photo ops like Stranger Things: The Experience

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It’s not just trilogies, remakes, spin-offs, and adaptations growing out of valuable IP and then extending across mediums these days. It’s the creation of dynamic story ecosystems where each new piece of media tells a different part of the narrative. 

That’s made character integrity and consistency more important than ever – since increasingly distributed teams are now charged with telling interconnected stories with the same characters across mediums. A wrong move could cost a franchise dearly. But how do you achieve it in a transmedia and Web3 age? 

  • How the primacy of characters in transmedia storytelling creates challenges 
  • How the distributed way transmedia properties are produced affects character integrity
  • What character integrity looks like in the transmedia age
  • What role AI characters could play
  • How AI characters generate valuable data that can help make better franchise decisions