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Wonder what it takes to integrate Inworld's AI-powered NPCs into a game? Watch this video to see how Slothtopia, a sloth-powered social game, added Inworld's characters to their existing Unity build and created engaging and dynamic characters without having a script endless dialogue trees.

Get a step-by-step walk-through of how Slothtopia added Inworld to their NPCs from the games Lead Developer, Liam Nabut.

Liam will show you:

  • How they simplified and built on their development with Inworld
  • How to integrate Inworld's code
  • How they adapted Inworld's tech to fit their existing game world
  • Step-by-step how to integrate Inworld in Unity
  • And more!

Inspired To Add Inworld Powered NPCs To Your Game?

Slothtopia found their player engagement increased significantly after they integrated Inworld. Learn more why players want AI NPCs in our report, The Future of NPCs. And head over to the Inworld Studio to sign up for free.

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