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The leading AI engine for games

Increase player engagement and introduce novel gameplay dynamics with Inworld Engine. AI NPCs can learn and adapt, deliver nuanced performances, perceive the world around them, and autonomously initiate actions based on players' decisions.

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Inworld Studio

Streamline your creative process, so you can spend more time doing the work you love. Inworld Studio helps you organize and workshop epic game designs.

  • Create characters, scenes, and more to power real-time experiences with the Inworld Engine
  • Workshop high-level concepts into outlines or drafts of scripts, dialogue, quests, and more
  • Visualize and prototype interactive narratives with our editor

Increase player engagement

  • Improve game stickiness: Boost player retention with dynamic AI NPCs that have an amusing comeback to everything a player says – and also enable addictive game loops and exciting new game dynamics.
  • Increase playtime: Keep players engaged longer with dynamic dialogue, relationships that evolve, and unforgettable adventures with distinctive NPCs. Keep players craving more by making AI NPCs a central component of your game dynamics. 

Enhance core game loops

  • Responsive gameplay: With Inworld, NPCs transform into core game mechanics. How players interact with characters can determine whether they progress in the game and unlock the next level. 
  • Player-centric narrative: Cast players as co-creators by adding NPCs who can customize the narrative in real-time with each playthrough. Unlock meaningful choices, unique consequences, branching paths, and infinite replayability. 
  • Dynamic worlds: Create games where players’ actions transform the world around them. Let players decide whether to make an NPC their best friend – or mortal enemy. Trigger cascading consequences that influence in-game social dynamics or uncover new quests and storylines.  

Get realistic voice AI

Add dynamic vocal performances that adapt to the context of your game and add emotional depth to character interactions. Get a voice pipeline with ultra-low latency for no additional cost when you use the Inworld platform.

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Why Inworld

Drive player engagement

Drive replayability, session length, retention, and ARPU with storylines and characters that increase immersion.

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Impact core game loops

Drive engaging gaming loops that keep players coming back again and again.

Solutions for gaming

Increase revenue

81% of gamers report that they'd be willing to pay more for a game featuring AI NPCs

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Go viral

Learn how one studio drove millions of views on Twitch and YouTube for its intial launch.

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