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Sharing characters to the Inworld Arcade

Kylan Gibbs
December 01, 2022
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We’re excited for the beta launch of two new features: the ability to share your character and the Inworld Arcade, a showcase of the best characters created and shared by our users. Share and interact with characters via text, voice chat, and our brand new avatar chat feature. If you’re a Product Hunt user, check out our launch and help us trend to the front page of PH!

We want to see what characters you’ll create and how people will interact with them so, while these features remain in beta, we’re making interacting with characters through them free!

How sharing characters works

We know that one of the best parts of creating something is sharing it with others. Design whatever cool or wacky AI character you can imagine, test it, tweak it, and then – when your character creation is ready for prime time – share it and get a link to send to others. 

You can send the link to your best friend, your social media followers, your favorite Discord, your fans, your customers, even your hairdresser’s neighbor, if they’re interested. Then, watch your reluctant hero, dark wizard, brand ambassador – or whatever other kind of AI character you create – come to life and chat with your fans. 

You can even gamify your character experience with engaging narratives, challenges, or goals. Make users interacting with your AI character solve a mystery, earn the character’s trust, or get them to spill about the location of a magical sword.  

It’s a great way for developers to test out a new video game character,  for companies to create an interactive version of their mascot, or for makers and other creatives to build fun new experiences.  

During our beta period, users on Starter & Pro subscriptions will receive unlimited interaction time for shared characters. 

Share your character with others

The Inworld Arcade is a rotating showcase of the best characters created by our users. To be featured in the Inworld Arcade, tag your social media posts with #InworldArcade. We break the showcase down into the following categories: 

  • Popular characters
  • Video game characters 
  • TV and movie characters
  • AI robot characters

Check out how users are interacting with your characters

Sharing characters is a great way to see how the public or your fans react to your character – it’s a great place for hands-on consumer research. Login to your dashboard to see how often people are interacting with your characters and what they’re saying.

Have fun chatting with the funniest, scariest, and gunslingyist characters

Are you an Inworld fan who just wants to interact with characters? Lucky you! There are now a lot more cool characters to chat with and it is currently free to chat with characters to your heart’s desire. Check out these characters: 

  • Captain Chuck – A zombie pirate who’s trying to discover the secret of Monk’s Island before you. 
  • Sadie the Gunslinger – A cowgirl who will try to convince you to join her gang to take revenge on the people who killed her husband. 
  • Princess Nectarine - A princess who’s done being a damsel-in-distress and is ready to save herself next time.
  • Ryan Hoover - The founder of Product Hunt shares his secrets to go viral on the platform. (Tip #1: Ask readers of your blog to upvote your PH launch!) 

Inworld’s commitment to safety

We want everyone to enjoy interacting with characters in the Inworld Arcade and those shared by others. We’ve put into place: 

  • Restrictions and guidelines around character creation  
  • Reporting and moderation
  • Extensive safety system and integrated guardrails
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvements.

We prohibit a number of different types of characters including those created for sexually explicit conversations and  characters created to promote hate speech or hateful content. that includes any characters created with the intent to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, gender identity, disability, and sexuality. 

We also have extensive safety guardrails in place and monitor character interactions for potential safety violations.  

Learn more about our safety commitments here. 

Ready to get started? 

Learn more about how to create great characters by looking at some of our Characters of the Week posts. Then, get started in our no-code studio today!

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