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AI-powered gameplay at GDC

Thanks for joining Inworld and our partners at Booth P1615 at the annual Game Developers Conference from March 18 - 22, 2024. This is your one-stop shop for announcements, sessions, games, and demos featuring AI gameplay from the Inworld Engine.

Sessions, demos, and more presented alongside

Sessions & Talks

Visit us at Booth P1615 in the GDC Expo

Here's a map of our location.

Covert Protocol, created with NVIDIA

In Covert Protocol players take on the role of a skilled private detective and push the boundary of what NPC interaction could look like in games.

Neo NPCs by Ubisoft

Ubisoft's first generative AI experiments, NEO NPCs, create deep connections with the player, offering new gameplay strategies and emergent storytelling opportunities. 

Indie Showcase

Learn how AI can play a role in every game genre – from RPGs to MMOs to action-adventure slapstick comedies. Join Eternium, Get Slapped, Aria One, Avalon, and Antler Interactive at our Indie Showcase.

Narrative Graph, created with Xbox

Narrative Graph offers a framework for mapping out interactive narratives including story elements, character arcs, lore, dialogue, and decision points. Co-developed with Microsoft.

The Quinns

"The Quinns" is an situational comedy demo that allows viewers to shape the narrative and become the masterminds behind their favorite character-driven shows.

Mists of Aurora, created with Xbox

Co-developed with Microsoft, Mists of Aurora is a demo that brings the power of AI to the world of tabletop RPGs, immersing players into a fantasy world where their decisions shape their fate in real-time. 

Wisp World by Liquid City

Wisp World is a living forest that serves as the residence of a charming spirit, powered by Inworld. Built for the Apple Vision Pro.

Quinn Ambassador

Ask our Quinn ambassadors anything you want to know about Inworld or our presence at GDC. They'll step away from gaming for a quick chat and maybe even get you some swag.

Inworld Playground

Our Unity and Unreal Engine Playground Demos help you get started with the Inworld SDK. These frequently updated demo projects demonstrate new Inworld features.

Indie Showcase

Check the schedule to see when developers will be present at the Inworld booth.


Experience adrenaline-pumping battles as you embark on an epic journey in this popular PC & mobile action RPG. Allow the AI-enabled Oracle NPC to be your trusted guide in this expanded game world.

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Unleash your creativity in this immersive MMO, where players shape their own stories and worlds. Engage with AI characters, from lively conversations with villagers to thrilling battles.

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Get Slapped

Get Slapped!™ is a slap-stick action-adventure beat'em up arena fighting game. It features a cast of AI NPCs, including trash-talking opponents, and Godhands who unlock Secret Slap Society mysteries.

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Aria One

In this psychological narrative-driven VR game, you find yourself on Aria One, a derelict starship. Unlock the mystery of a hidden agenda in the AI-driven starship.

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Embark on a narrative-rich RPG adventure with strategic turn-based gameplay. Experience AI-enhanced character evolution, granting you true ownership of your personalized journey.

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