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Inworld Infinite is a collection of experiences where every interaction, decision, and twist of fate is intelligently crafted by AI. We’re working with developers across all platforms to get their games into the hands of players around the world.

How Inworld Infinite Works

Devs & Publishers

Integrate AI NPCs into your real-time experience using our Character Engine and add Inworld sign-in.


Create Inworld accounts to access Inworld Infinite experiences.


Makes payouts to developers based on engagement with their games.

Leveling up, together

Let's face it, AI costs can add up. If you've considered adding AI-powered NPCs and narrative to your game, but were hesitant about the cost, we have a proposition for you.

  • Players are billed directly for interaction costs associated with the Inworld Character Engine through their Inworld Infinite accounts
  • Developers receive payouts based on engagement with their experiences
  • Experiences can include full games, DLCs, demos, mods, or vertical slices of games
  • Inworld will subsidize the first three months of interaction costs for players on our waitlist

Generate recurring revenue

We surveyed gamers and found that many would be willing to pay an additional $10 - 20 per month to interact with AI NPCs in games. With Inworld Infinite, you'll receive regular payouts based on engagement with your experience without incurring upfront costs.

Access an untapped market

Tap into a gaming community eager to embrace next generation AI-powered games. With 99% of gamers thinking AI NPCs improve gameplay and 81% being willing to pay more for the feature, your game will find a built-in audience for distribution, revenue, and marketing.

  • Increase discoverability and find new users
  • Earn recurring revenue from players
  • Get featured in special collections to increase visibility for your title

Tell us about your game

If you're working on a game that leverages the Inworld Character Engine, we'd love to hear from you.