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Meet your AI-driven brand stewards

Chatbots and assistants can feel impersonal and repetitive, leading to frustrating customer experiences. Drive more empathetic, engaging, and personality-driven brand experiences with Inworld.

How brands are using Inworld

  • Bring brand mascots or spokespeople to life.
  • Improve customer experience with digital sales assistants, style consultants, and product experts.
  • Cast virtual influencers to drive engagement on social media. 
  • Extend ad campaigns with immersive digital experiences. 

Built with brands in mind

  • Inworld’s platform makes it easy to create fully interactive brand representatives – no coding needed
  • Allow fully generative conversations, or add ‘4th wall’ features to ensure your character stays on script
  • Custom safety features available to ensure your characters are brand safe
  • Add your brand knowledge base to your characters

The ROI of AI characters

  • Interactive brand experiences increase engagement, retention, and consideration.
  • Add empathy and personality to your digital brand representatives.
  • Increase sales with virtual sales assistants  
  • Keep your brand on the leading edge with innovating (and effective) marketing. 
  • Deliver consistently on-brand experiences.
  • Improve loyalty and affinity through dynamic interactions with your customers.

Did you know?


increase in chatbot usage

Since 2009, but customers are often disappointed in their chat experience.


of marketers

Advertising on the metaverse say it is their most successful channel.


increase in likability

When a personality is enhanced in a chatbot according to researchers.


of customers

Rate an "immediate" response as important when they have a question.


Get hands-on with our Niantic 8th Wall sample project

Learn how to use Inworld's Character Engine to power interactive AI characters for your brand activation or immersive experience. You will create a brand mascot that knows everything about your brand and product and is able to engage naturally and have conversations with customers.

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