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Dream bigger than ever before

Unleash your creativity with an AI platform that unlocks the potential for new game mechanics and interactions. Break free from linear narratives, create interactive characters, and iterate quickly with Inworld.

Discover new creative possibilities

  • Expand on existing narratives or build with Inworld right from the start to unlock new levels of depth and immersion.
  • Create compelling characters capable to advanced reasoning, who can react to the world around them, and adapt to evolving scenarios and game states.
  • Design games that empower players to shape a living world through their choices, with branching paths, cascading consequences, and evolving quests and storylines.

Iterate and scale

  • Visualize and prototype interactive narratives with Inworld Studio.
  • Scale your game development pipeline with character and dialogue creation.
  • Grow your player base and sustain player engagement with regular content updates, new characters, and expanding narratives.

Give players what they want

We surveyed 1,000 gamers to understand what they want from their favorite games. NPCs matter to gamers – but they're frustrated by repetitive dialogue and static interactions.

  • 99% of gamers think AI NPCs improve gameplay
  • 81% would pay more for games with AI NPCs

The ROI of AI NPCs

  • Increase Day 1 retention with guides, companions, and characters to welcome players
  • Add DLCs, upgrades, and expansions to drive ARPU
  • Reduce dev crunch with an AI collaborator around the writer's table

Customer stories

"Creating narrative dialogue and NPCs requires a lot of human creativity still, but coupled with AI, I think that we can scale our production much quicker. But also, I think the quality can be much more advanced by using AI as a paintbrush for the narrative designers."

Oliwer Svennson

Creative Director

"Inworld AI does solve part of the game development challenge, which is building dialogue sequences and building meaningful stories. Thanks to that technology, we can do that a lot cheaper - faster than we could before."

Sean Pinnock

CEO / Founder

"This was a completely new way of thinking about screenwriting and story telling."

Simone Odoardi

CEO / Founder

"We get to play a lot more, we get to think about more ideas, and we get to think about expanding narratives and more characters in a shorter amount of time."

Tk Gorgonia

CEO / Founder

"One thing that stood out about Inworld was the quick iteration. You can set a character up in 2 or 3 minutes and talk with them. That lets you quickly see what types of conversations work, what types of NPC personalities work, and how to build that into your game mechanics to support your overall goals."

Michael Hopke

Technical Project Manager

Did you know?


of gamers

Think that AI NPCs will improve gameplay.


of gamers

Would be willing to pay more for a game with AI NPCs.


of game devs


of game devs

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