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A new class of learning experiences

Power personalized learning experiences, interactive simulations, and gamified experiences with AI tutors, educators, and trainers.

How companies & educators are using Inworld

  • Customer or employing onboarding support
  • On-demand interactive or AR/VR learning and training
  • Lessons by customized teachers (brand mascots or even historical figures!)
  • Language learning practice
  • Tutoring, test prep, and learning support 
  • Educators for any scenario: one-on-one tutoring, group instruction, test prep, training simulations, and more

Built with learning in mind

  • With easily programmable knowledge bases, AI characters can be ‘taught’ anything and then deliver what they know to other learners
  • Create different personas so learners can choose the trainer personality and teaching style best suited to them
  • Increase engagement on corporate training and learning by creating truly dynamic and interactive experience

The ROI of AI characters

  • Interactive and customized educational content leads to better learning outcomes
  • Dynamic interaction in AR/VR training improves learning retention
  • On-demand interactive training leads to increased convenience for learners
  • Fully developed and customizable personalities leads to more engaging trainers

Did you know?


billion people

Need to be reskilled by 2030. AI characters can help.


of executives

Believe that current training methods are outdated.


percentile points

Gained in math and reading with personalized learning approaches.


In a study from Carnegie Mellon, interactive activities are more likely to help students learn.