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Get realistic voice AI

Add dynamic vocal performances that adapt to the context of your game and add emotional depth to character interactions. Get a voice pipeline with ultra-low latency for no additional cost when you use the Inworld platform.

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NPCs that can see, hear, and sense the world around them

Characters have the ability to perceive and react to the world around them in real-time. Whether it's detecting changes in the environment, recognizing player emotions, or adapting to evolving scenarios and game states, AI agents bring a new level of depth and immersion to gameplay.

  • Automatic speech recognition and comprehension
  • Visual recognition of environmental elements such as objects, characters, and events
  • Ability to process inputs like haptics, game state changes, and more
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Multimodal cognition, reasoning, and memory

Shifting from scripted dialogue to dynamic, player-driven narratives is just the first step. Inworld AI NPCs adapt to player behavior, learn from interactions, and create a living, breathing game world.

  • Configurable personality, knowledge, memories, and dynamic emotional states
  • Built-in hallucination control
  • Relationship management and orchestration for multiplayer games and AI-to-AI interactions
  • Autonomous goals and internal motivations
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Expressive and nuanced character performances and actions

Inworld-powered NPCs can take actions in the game world, and deliver performances that mimic human behavior and expressions. Enrich gameplay by responding to players' decisions and interactions.

  • Initiate actions and dynamic game states based on intents, motivations, and triggers
  • Multilingual text-to-speech, ASR, and expressive voices
  • Synchronized gestures and animations
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