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Future of game development with AI NPCs

In 2023, we published the Future of NPC report – a survey which examined how gamers feel about AI NPCs. Players told us clearly that they wanted AI NPCs with 99% believing they would improve gameplay and 81% saying they would pay extra for games with AI NPCs. 

This year, we surveyed 524 game devs to better understand what AI NPC adoption will look like. The Future of Game Development with AI NPCs: How devs will drive engagement with gameplay innovations found that nearly 3-in-4 game devs are excited about AI NPCs. 

Want the TL;DR version? Check out our blog post.


Read it today to learn…

  • How many studios are likely to implement AI NPCs
  • What devs are looking for in an engine powering AI NPCs
  • How much ROI they’re likely to generate
  • How studios will monetize them
  • What types of games and experiences you’ll see them in first
  • And more!