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Best AI RPG Generators and RPG AI Games 2023

Inworld Team
August 30, 2023
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Since tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) debuted in the 1970s, there have been attempts to automate running a game session. Those attempts have included things that make coming up with scenarios easier like random tables, play aids, audio tracks, maps, and more.

Now, almost 50 years since the first dice were rolled in a game of Dungeons & Dragons, generative AI is set to revolutionize RPGs in both tabletop gaming -- and in video games. The rise of roleplaying AI is set to shift how games are played.

For example, an AI RPG could substitute for your game or dungeon master, with freeform AI-generated games like AI Dungeon and AI Roleplay allowing players to create any scenario they want with just a few prompts. Or you can play a fully immersive AI RPG video game where AI is used to power NPCs so that you can interact naturally with them like in Origins or this popular Skyrim mod.

Part of the joy of tabletop RPGs is socializing with friends as you create a shared story together, but sometimes the preparation of a game scenario can be quite a chore! With the help of AI roleplay generators, you can now make AI generated DnD maps, NPCs, item descriptions, and visuals at the click of a button. It allows you to spend less time preparing and more time playing!

We explore how AI can make RPGs more immersive, fun, and exciting with a roundup of the best AI RPG and AI roleplay generators and games.

🏹 What is an AI RPG or AI roleplay generator? 

An AI RPG generator or AI roleplay generator uses AI to create RPG-related assets such as maps, character descriptions, plot hooks, magic items, and more. Some use procedural generation to create via algorithms, while the best AI roleplay generators may use large language or diffusion models to create text and visuals.

Broadly speaking, there are 5 main types of AI RPG generators and AI roleplay generators.

1. AI RPG character description generator

Creating a character in a tabletop RPG can be slow -- and that’s before you come up with a character description. AI roleplay tech can help by writing a character description for you and potentially generating an image to go with it.

There have been character description generators that use pre-written text chunks for years. For example, Here Be Taverns’ NPC generator gives you nine characters, briefly described and illustrated. Similarly, the character description generator found at Fantasy Name Generators gives you a more traditional, prose-based description. We also can’t forget the cornucopia of generators at Donjon, which has dozens of random RPG generators.

A more modern generative AI roleplay generator is found at, which will generate a character description and details for RPGs with a character portrait included.

2. AI RPG text adventure or AI text RPG

Generative AI can create RPG adventures in real-time for a text-based RPG, with the large language model effectively acting as the game master. If you want to enjoy a solo roleplaying experience, or just can’t get friends together for a game, these roleplaying AI are a great alternative. Examples of AI story generator games include AI Dungeon, Saga and Hidden Door

3. AI RPG map generator

Need a map for your game session in a hurry? From whole worlds to dungeons, taverns or fantasy cities, there’s a AI map generator for that. Recently, generative AI has made it possible to create fully 3D-rendered dungeons near-instantly, including AI generated DnD maps. The primary example of map generators that can quickly make you a AI DnD map is Dungeon Alchemist.

4. AI RPG character generator

If you need RPG characters in a hurry, an AI RPG character generator can help. While it’s easy to get a character ‘rolled up’ using a site like FastCharacter, what if you could bring a character to life with AI?

Character engines like Inworld can help you create an AI RPG character just by describing them. Give them some personality traits, a brief description and you’ll be ready to have a direct conversation with them via your keyboard or microphone. You can have your AI DnD characters join your tabletop game and even talk to players. Stuck for inspiration? Inworld can auto generate a character from just one line or even a few words, which you can then edit and modify to your liking. Or you can create a character that can give you custom character suggestions for your game.

5. AI RPG games

The classic video game RPG uses extensive scripts and pre-recorded dialog to bring NPCs to life, with the biggest productions such as Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls series using hundreds of hours of voiceover for their characters.

However generative AI is potentially pointing to a new paradigm: RPGs where the NPCs are powered by AI. While it’s still early days, there are already incredible AI roleplay mods such as the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord mod

AI Dungeon - Best AI roleplay game

  • Overview: Create and play open-ended, text-based RPG adventures using AI. AI Dungeon is the quintessential AI roleplay text-based gaming experience.
  • Type: AI RPG game
  • Use cases: If you want to experience a text-based RPG that’s akin to a solo tabletop experience, AI Dungeon is a great choice. There’s a massive variety of text-based RPG adventures available powered by AI, giving you endless choices when it comes to the story you want to experience. If you’re feeling creative, you can also make your own - including accompanying AI-generated imagery.
  • Benefits: Despite the name, AI Dungeon goes well beyond the traditional fantasy adventure, offering a myriad of worlds and adventures you can experience, all created by other users. It’s fast to use and easy to pick up.
  • Drawbacks: Given the nature of user-generated content, some adventures and worlds may be NSFW. 

Inworld AI - AI NPCs for AI roleplay

  • Overview: A Character Engine for creating AI-powered characters who can speak, react and interact based on your direction -- or a way to create a AI roleplay generator customized to your needs.
  • Type: AI character generator 
  • Use cases: NPCs for tabletop RPGs, NPCs for video games, character research for creative work.
  • Benefits: Inworld’s Studio generates characters automatically from the barest description. You can then speak to (and hear from!) characters or chat with them via text. Our easy-to-use interface has clear guidance on how to properly create a character that matches your vision. You can also use some of our pre-created RPG character creators like our AI DnD Character Creator, who will help you come up with AI DnD ideas or our AI DnD Game Master, who can create a scenario for you and lead you through a game session. Want a more customized AI roleplay generator? You can customize create your own in the Inworld Studio that knows the storyline of your campaign and can give targetted suggestions. Better yet, try out a Breaking Bad or Lord of the Rings-themed text-based RPG adventure chat.  
  • Drawbacks: Because Inworld Studio isn’t RPG-specific since you can create any kind of character you want, you might be overwhelmed by the possibilities. In that case, using one of our existing character creators or RPG interactive adventures is likely your best choice. 

Dungeon Alchemist: AI fantasy map generator

  • Overview: An AI map generator for tabletop RPGs that allows you to near-instantly create locations in full 3D for use in a virtual tabletop (VTT) or print. Perfect for making an AI DnD map.
  • Type: AI RPG map generator, AI fantasy map generator, AI generated DnD maps
  • Use cases: Tabletop RPGs, primarily those with a fantasy setting.
  • Benefits: Many algorithm-based map generators are available for free and many can create impressive dungeon maps - but very few can create them in 3D while also populating rooms with appropriately themed items. Dungeon Alchemist does all this in a flash, while allowing you to specify and edit the results.  It makes great AI generated DnD maps.
  • Drawbacks: If you’re playing in any setting other than a fantasy world, Dungeon Alchemist is a bit limited. Future content expansions may offer more options.

Mount & Blade II - Bannerlord Mod powered by Inworld

  • Overview: A mod created by BlocTheWorker for the massively popular medieval open-world game Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord that integrates AI-powered NPCs.
  • Type: AI character generator for a video game
  • Use cases: Mount & Blade II features a huge expansive open world, but the NPCs you encounter in that world are relatively limited in their ability to interact. This AI roleplay mod uses Inworld’s character engine to provide the NPCs you encounter with AI powers, allowing you to ask them anything - and get an appropriate on-topic, in-world response. 
  • Benefits: By allowing you to talk naturally with NPCs, this mod extends Mount & Blade’s already massive world and immerses you further in the experience via role playing AI. 
  • Drawbacks: It’s a bit more complicated to set up than other options (but worth it!). 

Hidden Door - AI roleplay RPG game

  • Overview: An upcoming social role playing AI experience, powered by narrative AI.
  • Type: AI RPG game
  • Use cases: Perhaps the closest attempt to recreate the ‘true’ tabletop experience, Hidden Door’s first game will allow you to experience a narrative created live with the help of an AI roleplay narrator. The first title will be based on Alice in Wonderland, but ultimately you will be able to create your own game worlds to adventure in through Hidden Door’s generative AI technology.
  • Benefits: Hidden Door provides players with infinite possibilities that are only limited by your imagination! Gameplay elements such as cards and items keep the story going and simulate the tabletop experience effectively. 
  • Drawbacks: It’s currently in early previews so you’ll have to join the wishlist on their site and wait for a chance to play. RPG AI Character Generator 

  • Link:
  • Overview: Create a RPG character with description and portrait using AI.
  • Type: AI RPG character generator
  • Use cases: If you’re struggling to come up with an interesting backstory for your tabletop RPG character, aims to make it easy. Just supply the RPG AI generator with a brief idea of who you think your character should be, and it will generate a brief bio with a portrait attached that’s configurable in various styles.
  • Benefits: It’s easy to use, with various RPG genres supported and has a fast RPG image generator that create images in multiple styles.
  • Drawbacks: It does not currently generate a game-ready character, but there are many options for that elsewhere.

Agzaar - AI DnD map generator

  • Link: Agzaar
  • Overview: Want an entire fantasy world map in the time it takes to click a link? Look no further. Azgaar’s AI Fantasy Map Generator near-instantly generates a world map with infinitely editable properties.
  • Type: Map generator for tabletop RPGs, writing, or other projects
  • Use cases: Whether you’re looking for the beginnings of an RPG campaign world, instant inspiration or to slowly build a world from scratch, Azgaar's AI fantasy map generator has you covered with its AI generated DnD maps.
  • Benefits: It’s lightning quick and every element can be randomly generated or customized. It’s also incredibly detailed and customizable with a wide range of export options available. Better yet: it’s free.
  • Drawbacks: It lacks the more artistic, ‘hand-drawn’ feel of paid map creation programs.

The future of AI RPG games

The future of AI RPG games looks extremely bright with a number of demos, mods and in-development projects using AI.

  • Inworld’s own Origins demo recently wowed a number of YouTubers with an immersive and emergent AI mystery story.
  • The virtual world Decentraland just recently added AI-powered NPCs.
  • In-development social RPG game Slothtopia is using Inworld for its NPCs.
  • Earlier this year, Replica Studios unveiled an AI-modified version of the famous Unreal Engine demo The Matrix Awakens
  • Bloc’s Mount & Blade II Bannerlord mod lets gamers add Inworld-powered NPCs to TaleWorlds’ open-world game.
  • Bloc also managed to get NPCs in Skyrim talking via AI in a playable mod.
  • Want something more cozy and social? How about Stardew Valley where you can chat with the villagers via an AI mod?

It seems like every game studio is at least experimenting with the possibilities of generative AI for NPCs and RPG gaming. That’s not surprising. After all, our Future of NPCs report found that RPG players were more likely to be annoyed by repetitive dialogue in video games and more excited about AI NPCs. 

What’s next? The possibilities are nearly endless. With gamers getting excited about massive RPG projects like Baldur’s Gate III and Starfield, it seems like it could only be a matter of time before one of the major development studios adds AI to the mix. If you’re interested in learning about new AI RPG video games as they come out, sign up for Inworld’s Play Pass and we’ll give you early access to cool new RPG experiences. 

🏹 How to use AI characters and AI NPCs in your RPG and AI roleplay experiences

If you’re looking to add AI to your tabletop or video game RPG, you’ve got some options.

  • Create an NPC that your tabletop players can chat with via Inworld Studio. The auto-generate option means you can even add them mid-game session.
  • Want to play solo? Check out the Dungeon Master in Inworld Arcade who will guide you through a text adventure of your own devising.
  • Chat with an AI RPG character generator like our DnD Character Generator -- or create your own generator in Inworld Studio!
  • If you’re looking to add AI NPCs to a game, Inworld can be integrated via various SDKs including Unreal Engine, Unity, the web and more.
  • Or just add Inworld to your Minecraft server or Roblox game!

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, much like a classic tabletop RPG experience. So, gather your party, grab your dice, and go create an NPC of your own in Inworld Studio.

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