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Character Brain

Multimodal expression of personality

Conversational AI is just the beginning. AI NPCs can learn and adapt, navigate relationships with emotional intelligence, have memory and recall, and are capable of autonomously initiating goals, performing actions and following their own motivations.

Goals and Actions

Use defined triggers, intent recognition and motivations to trigger character reactions to player behaviour and drive interactions in gameplay. Our Goals and Actions feature allows you to drive NPC behaviour that responds to player inputs in a dynamic and custom way.

Long-term Memory

Characters operate with human-like memory functionality by retrieving information from both flash and long-term memory, creating engaging experiences that players return to.


Create distinct personalities by using natural language. Add rich details about the character's backstory, motivations, and flaws to bring character's life.

Inworld powers multimodal character expression by orchestrating 30+ machine learning models that are designed to mimic the full-range of human communication, including non-verbal cues such as voice inflection and intonation, facial expressions, and body language


Inworld characters have the ability to express emotion in response to interactions with users. Emotions can be mapped to animations, goals, and triggers.

Real-Time Voices

Use built-in voice settings for minimal latency and configure the gender, age, pitch and talking speed of your character. Alternatively, use the third-party services from Eleven Labs to create custom and cloned voices.

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