AI NPCs are a game changer

From indie studios to the world’s biggest publishers, game developers are using Inworld to create interactive narratives and immersive experiences.

Create a character

How game devs are using Inworld

  • Create generative NPCs that think, talk, and act for themselves.
  • Mod your favorite game by adding AI characters.
  • Allow players to co-create narratives, driving emergent gameplay.
  • Bring live characters into game promotions with sneak peaks, interactive experiences, DLCs, and other marketing content.

Built with gaming in mind

  • Inworld works with any character design or avatar. We power the character’s mind: visual design is entirely in your control.
  • Allow fully generative conversations, or add “4th wall” features to ensure your character stays on script.
  • Native integrations with popular game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine allow you to deploy your characters across any platform or experience.

“I'm excited to see Inworld-powered characters bring more life and personality to games. Once you have characters that can remember you, your interactions, and express nuanced emotion, the possibilities for more immersive experiences are endless.”

Nate Mitchell

Co-Founder of Oculus

Co-Founder & CEO of Mountaintop Studios

The ROI of AI characters

  • Increase franchise engagement and investment
  • Improve ARPU via upgrades and expansions
  • Increase time of play and monetizable attention
  • Increases day 1 retention
  • Allow players to co-create the game narrative, increasing investment in your title
  • Reduce dev crunch with unscripted rather than scripted dialogue

Did you know?


A study by California State University found the top factor influencing a player’s enjoyment of game worlds is an immersive story.


Research has found a correlation between immersion and game enjoyment.



How much Pokemon Go has made, one of the first truly interactive and immersive games.



The projected market for VR gaming in 2028.