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AI NPCs are a game changer

Elevate NPCs beyond simple dialogue trees with artificial intelligence that is capable of multimodal human expression. The Inworld platform powers unscripted dialogue, emotional intelligence, and contextual awareness to deliver a more immersive gaming experience.

Players crave more interactivity from NPCs.

We surveyed 1,000 gamers to better understand what gamers love, hate, and secretly desire from NPCs. While NPCs matter to gamers, they're frustrated by repetitive dialogue and the inability to adapt to players' inputs.

  • 99% think advanced AI NPCs will make games more immersive, interactive, and fun.
  • 81% would be willing to pay more for a game with AI NPCs

Built with gaming in mind

  • Allow fully generative conversations, or add “4th wall” features to ensure your character stays on script.
  • Native integrations with popular game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine allow you to deploy your characters across any platform or experience.
  • Inworld works with any character design or avatar. We power the character’s mind: visual design is entirely in your control.

The ROI of AI characters

  • Increase Day 1 retention with guides, companions, and characters to welcome players
  • Add DLCs, upgrades, and expansions to drive ARPU
  • Reduce dev crunch with an AI collaborator around the writer's table

Did you know?


of gamers

A study on the Future of NPCs found that the majority of gamers would be willing to pay more for a game with AI NPCs.


A study by California State University found the top factor influencing a player’s enjoyment of game worlds is an immersive story.


Research has found a correlation between immersion and game enjoyment.


of gamers

Think that advanced AI NPCs are the future.