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Increase player engagement with AI NPCs

Elevate NPCs beyond simple dialogue trees with artificial intelligence that transforms player interactions. The Inworld Character Engine powers unscripted dialogue, emotionally rich performances, and contextual awareness to deliver NPCs that adapt to players’ actions – and drive measurable improvements in engagement.

Enhance core game loops

  • Responsive gameplay: With Inworld, NPCs transform into core game mechanics. How players interact with characters can determine whether they progress in the game and unlock the next level. 
  • Player-centric narrative: Cast players as co-creators by adding NPCs who can customize the narrative in real-time with each playthrough. Unlock meaningful choices, unique consequences, branching paths, and infinite replayability. 
  • Dynamic worlds: Create games where players’ actions transform the world around them. Let players decide whether to make an NPC their best friend – or mortal enemy. Trigger cascading consequences that influence in-game social dynamics or uncover new quests and storylines.  

Increase player engagement

  • Improve game stickiness: Boost player retention with dynamic AI NPCs that have an amusing comeback to everything a player says – and also enable addictive game loops and exciting new game dynamics.
  • Increase playtime: Keep players engaged longer with dynamic dialogue, relationships that evolve, and unforgettable adventures with distinctive NPCs. Keep players craving more by making AI NPCs a central component of your game dynamics. 

A Character Engine purpose-built for gaming

Character Engine Features

Multimodal AI Expression

Characters express personality through multimodal AI that allows NPCs to adapt to player behavior, learn from interactions, and create a living, breathing game world. Built-in voices, emotions, multi-lingual support and more.

Contextual Mesh

Prevent hallucinations that could break the narrative flow or interactions that defy the logic of your game. Set parameters for safety, knowledge, and narrative controls to give each interaction a personalized context.

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